Hello world!

Jan/Feb'09 IssueThe Instrumentation Signpost is the world wide web presence of Read-out, Ireland’s Journal of Instrumentation, Control and Automation.

It was first envisaged way back in 1994 as a guide to the Automation Community in Ireland, Read-out’s readers, as to what was available on this new new medium. It grew like Topsy, into an over 500 page collection of information under various headings:

Education and Research
News and Discussion Groups
Directories & Portals

Within these some of these headings there are various sub-headings such as the famous Fieldbus Pages, a relic of the notorious “Fieldbus Wars” and reports on various exhibitions and conferences we have attended.

This is our first toe into the Blogland though of course we have been aware of Blogs as they also began to become popular. We are still unsure as to what will appear on this blog but it will obviously about events, people, ideas, and products of interest to the Automation professional.

Where's this all going to?

Where's this all going to?

We hope that you enjoy this new kid on the blog (sorry!!!) and please feel free to comment.


3 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Chris Rand says:

    Well, it’s an honour to be the first person to have left a comment on the blog! If it grows anything like the main site has, we’ll be the first of many. Best wishes from one of your many long-time readers.

  2. sharilee says:

    Excellent news re blog. I’ll be checking it regularly, looking for a nice mix of insight and rants 🙂 And I see I’m in good company, being the second person to comment. Hi Chris!

    Btw, the related links generator thinks this crowd might be interested in “Hello Kitty”, so you might want to be careful how you title the next entry. LOL!

    Best wishes from your cuzins in the states!

  3. Always cool to see more industry blogs.

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