Blogs, favicons and God knows what next…

Like many of us I often get messages in my e-postbox, news items and suggestions which may or may not be relevent to me or what I am doing. In the last two weeks I have been signed up to Chris Rand’s Business Market Online. Much to my surprise I have actually acted on two of the suggestions he has made.

The first one was to set up this blog as an adjunct to Read-out and the Read-out Instrumentation Signpost. So you can blame Chris for this!

The second thing was the use of favicons. Now many of you will be like me prior to Monday entirely in the dark as to what favicons are. But in rides Chris to the rescue:

    If you’re using a modern browser with “tabs” (multiple websites open at any one time), you’ll see that most tabs have little logos next to the page title. On most browsers, you may also see the logo in the address bar (the field with the “http…” details in at the top), and if you pull down your Favourites or Bookmarks list, you should see the logos there too. These logos are called favicons, because they were originally designed to be shown only in the Favourites list.

So now you know. I’ve been experimenting with them since and I guess so should all web designers whether amateur or professional.

Chris sends out details, short and succint, every day free of charge.

Thanks Chris


One Response to Blogs, favicons and God knows what next…

  1. Andrew Bond says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere. Good to have a European instrumentation blog to balance the thoughts of Mintchell and Boyes.


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