The March/April Issue!

Being green and recession proof?

Despite the recession life goes on and the latest issue of Read-out talks about relevant issues in the environment – in more than one sense of the word.

This issue headlines a report from the ARC Advisory Group explaining how the ever tightening regulations on emissions throughout the world will assist in the continued expansion of the emissions monitoring systems and instruments. They anticipate that growth will be of the order of 10%. Nice to see somebody talking about expansion these days.

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That irrepressible commentator on current industry, Jim Pinto has advice on strategies to adopt to defeat the down turn. “My own view is that this is an inflection point, a serious break from the past, a wake-up call from old illusions,” he says,  before he outlines seven key strategies not just to survive but to thrive. We like Jim’s attitude.

The Inside Front” article looks at a new PLC platform developed by Logicon. It allows a programmer to automate a process system graphically, protects the user from making mistakes, tracks changes and automatically generates associated documentation. Costs for such a turnkey system can be halved and project development is a quarter of the time when compared to a conventional system.

As this is the issue that covers March when a company announces on St Patrick’s Day that they have become distributor for a product and thought that the inclusion of a shamrock would ensure the running of the story. They were right! That company is Quantitech who now represent Teledyne Leeman Labs not only in Ireland but also in Britain. This is just one of the company stories in this issue.

Books have featured in recent issues of Read-out and this issue is no exception with information on relevant publications from ISA and IDC Technologies

Among the interesting applications is one on the use of wireless being used by Bord Gáis Éireann to monitor the transmission of gas in their Midleton facility in Co Cork. The system chosen used Emerson’s wireless solution with Rosemount pressure, DP and temperature transmitters.

Events, conferences, courses and exhibitions, in Ireland and abroad are listed to assist readers to plan for these important resources in helping them keep informed on the latest trends in the world of automation. There are quit a number of indigenous training courses now available both on various fieldbus platforms and companies own technologies. There are also some reports on companies who exhibited at the mtec show in Birmingham in March.

There are the usual items on new product throughout with the emphasis on automation in the environmental, water and waste sectors.

Highlighted in the People Section were the annual ISA Ireland Honours and Awards event where automation personnel, graduates, students and veterans are honoured buy the Ireland Section of the International Society of Automation. This ceremony was held in early March.

Who reads Read-out?

Read-out is distributed free within the island of Ireland but unfortunatly due to substantiaal postal charges a small handling charge of € 50.00 (35Sterling or  $70.00) per two years (12 issues) is made to addresses in countries outside of Ireland.

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