e-news for you…

News on your screen!

News on your screen!

We receive a large number of email with press releases every day. Some of those we publish on the Instrumentation Signpost others we use in our bimonthly publication for the Irish market, Read-out.


mackey’s musings (IDC)

InTEch e-News (ISA – 2 issues a week!)

ControlDesign.com e-news (Putman)

ASI Technews

HazardEx (IML)

EXPO Exchange News (Intech)

Logistics Handling (IBC)

MadgeTech enewsletter

Flow Control Network Newsletter (GVM)

ControlEngineering E & ME (IML)

UKIVA Newsletter (pdf format)

Intech e-news (ISA)

Thin Client Newsletter (ACP)


ControlGlobal.com (Putnam)

Among these emails there are a fair number of newsletters, some good some not so good and for a long time we have felt that perhaps our own visitors may wish to see what is in these. So we have started to list these on a weekly basis on our News Page with a link to the web version.

Last week we received fourteen of these and they are listed on the right. Some are reproductions of blogs, such as Mackey’s musings... Others are “extensions” as it were of print publications like Control Engineering Europe or ControlGlobal. Still more are from manufacturers principally advertising their wares like Madgetech and ASI, though these do often contain useful “non-partisan” hints and tips. And some are used to lead-up to large events in the Automation Calander such as INTECH’s EXPO Exchange News.

Many newsletters are well produced but many are not. They appear to be haphazard as regards content and indeed sometimes frequency. “A successful newsletter needs a timetable, an owner and an easy method of contributing at a time of the contributor’s choice. What you simply must not do is to say “ah, it’s our quarterly newsletter day”, and try to make up something on the spot, on your own, when it shouldn’t really be your job anyway.” So says Chris Rand in his own sensible and mercifully short daily news flash. (We’ve already pointed to him in our item Blogs, favicons and God knows what next….) To this we would add that they ought also have a html version on their website so that those whose mail programs cannot cope with any but the most basic formats have also the opportunity to share in the wisdom and knowledge!

Anyway we hope to continue linking to these newsletters (which have a web presence) on our news page on a weekly basis so that you can see what is available without having to clog up your mail box.


2 Responses to e-news for you…

  1. instsignpost says:

    John Weet alerted me to another e-newsletter site which may interest you …


  2. […] mentioned in our item “e-news for you,” that we receive quite a number of e-zines every week and month. One of them, the monthly […]

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