Alternative mobility and drive…

MobiliTec – new flagship tradeshow at HANNOVER MESSE 2010

The great question of the day, besides the economy, is the so-called Green issue! We have suddenly realised that there is only a finite supply of fossil fuel left on the planet and we have to look for alternatives. One of the most wasteful uses of fossil fuel is the way we move around and the way we move things around.

One of the big themes at this year’s HANNOVER MESSE was electric mobility. Faced with mounting CO2 emissions and dwindling fossil fuel resources, the world will sooner or later have to embrace alternative mobility and drive technologies. Bringing about this paradigm shift necessitates ongoing multidisciplinary cooperation between automobile manufacturers, drive system and component manufacturers, energy companies, and experts from science and government.

Vehicle Electrical System Development

Vehicle Electrical System Development

This exhibition has been profiling mobility technologies for many years, and from 2010 on will be consolidating these themes in an all-new flagship tradeshow named “MobiliTec.” The new show will focus on mobility technologies such as hybrid and electric drive systems, mobile energy storage solutions and alternative fuels.

The new show’s exhibition content is to be supplemented by an international forum staged on site in the exhibition area. Visitors will also be able to test-drive innovative new electric vehicles on a dedicated test track.

See also the American Electric Drive Transportation Association, Alternative Energy News and Wikipedia on Alternative Energy


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