They said it!

We always quote this taster on our home page from Andrew Bond’s Industrial Automation Insider.

And this is this months stimulating batch.
We particularly like the quote from Rockwell’s Keith Nosbusch. Is this a hostage to fortune I wonder!

May 2009

“Oracle stands to make an impact on the entire enterprise solution space.”

Dick Slansky,
ARC Advisory Group

“Emerson intends to work inside of the PNO to keep the implementation of EDDL aligned across all of these protocols.”

John Berra,
Chairman,, Emerson Process Management

“The steepest sequential declines are behind us.”

Keith Nosbusch,
Chairman and CEO,, Rockwell Automation

Current Issue!

We spoke about this important newsletter last month as well. This time we have refrained from going into any analysis for you, dear reader. We respectfully suggest you get your own copy and digest it at your lesure!


One Response to They said it!

  1. […] We’ve mentioned in our item “e-news for you,” that we receive quite a number of e-zines every week and month. One of them, the monthly Industrial Automation Insider (IAI), we have mentioned specifically (Inside Automation, and more recently in “They said it!”). […]

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