Grab a cuppa!
All “that’s cool” in Instrumentation and Control Engineering!

All that's cool!

All that's cool!

We’ve mentioned in our item “e-news for you,” that we receive quite a number of e-zines every week and month. One of them, the monthly Industrial Automation Insider (IAI), we have mentioned specifically (Inside Automation, and more recently in “They said it!”).

Today we received another one of these less frequent publications.

ICE news is the result of Canadian-Australian co-operation. The May 2009 issue of ICEnews has just pinged into our mailbox. Well actually the notice that it was available rang our mail-bell as the publication is now entirely web-based.

Grab a cuppa!

Grab a cuppa!

Like all issues it has masses of links to really useful information across a broad range of Instrumentation,Control,Fire & Gas and Electrical Engineering. Their suggestion is grab a “cuppa” and take the time to have a look at your specific interest area.

Their website is interesting too with around 140,000 hits a month. (Modestly we would point out that the Read-out Signpost received 180,000 hits during last month, but we would wouldn’t we!)

The editorial in the May issue tackles the question of the treatment of Automation graduates and apprentices in these times of economic change. “They seem to be easy targets with some laying off both or not taking their training obligations seriously. What must not be forgotten is that these talented young people deserve the same treatment that the management making these decisions would expect.”

Unfortunately as Jim Russell, the editor points out, the guys who control the purse strings only look at the short term bottom line and certainly do not read editorials like his. He draws attention to to an article by E+H’s John Immelman “Why are instrument engineers and technicians so undervalued?”. A question often posed in Automation Circles.

The rest of the publication – if you print it out it has twelve pages of closely typed news of the Automation world above and below the equator. It may require two cuppas.

Jim Russell of Australia and Ian Verhappen of Canada were the instigators of ICEnews – all that’s cool in Instrumentation and Control Engineering.
It is an off-shoot of the ICEweb site a “Comprehensive information site for
Instrumentation, Control, Fire & Gas Engineers!”


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