Temp. logging

A High Temperature Data Logging System
that Measures up to 250°C

MadgeTech has introduced the HiTemp150-TSK, a logging system which includes a HiTemp150 data logger and thermal shield. The system was designed to monitor and record the extreme temperatures required during nut processing. The HiTemp150-TSK is fully submersible, and can withstand temperatures in air up to 150ºC indefinitely, 200ºC for 45 minutes, and 250ºC for 32 minutes.

Although designed for nut processes such as dry blanching and oil roasting, it is versatile, and can be used in other applications such as meat processing, food processing, autoclave validation and conveyor oven monitoring. The system can also be placed directly in oil to validate deep frying processes.

It is easy to use, simply start the logger, open the enclosure, insert the unit, thread the probe through the end cap and latch it back onto the barrier body. The system can then be placed in the monitoring area and temperature data will be logged at a user-selectable reading rate. Once monitoring is complete, data can then be downloaded to a PC for analysis and record keeping.

The HiTemp150-TSK is priced at US$549.00. The thermal enclosure can be purchased separately, HiTemp150-TS, for US$99.00.

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