GE Fanuc split

Partnership to dissolve

We received a news release a short time ago that GE Fanuc as a co-operative venture is to dissolve. The dissolution will probably be completed by the end of the year.

GE Fanuc Logo soon to be a memory!

GE Fanuc Logo soon to be a memory!

The release was dated 18 Lúnasa 2009 02:09:10 ASÉ (18th Aug 02.09 Irish time) and I read it at around 7.00am It is a sign of the times that when I googled “GE Fanuc to dissolve” I got back “about 2,850 for GE Fanuc to dissolve” coming up on the screen.

This surprising announcement will probably have little impact on the automation market. The GE side of the business – now to be called GE Intelligent Platforms – will continue to market PLCs, while Fanuc will hold the CNC segment of the businesss.

    The release says :
    GE retains the software, services, embedded systems and control systems businesses globally. The company will be known as GE Intelligent Platforms, and will be led by current GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms CEO Maryrose Sylvester.
    FANUC retains the global CNC business.

GE Fanuc Automation Corporation was established in 1986 as a joint venture by GE Corporation of the United States and Fanuc of Japan. There’s has been a very successful partnership.

The Chairman of Fanuc confirms “Over this time period, markets and opportunities also have changed dramatically, and both companies further expanded into adjacent segments. Today’s market conditions are such that it’s imperative we pursue these expanded opportunities, and while we have achieved great things together, it’s in both our best interests that we focus our efforts on industry opportunities unique to our respective companies and that will deliver greater benefits to both our companies.”

Thus both will be active in the businesses they know best. “Stick to the knitting!” I think Tom Peters called it way back in the eighties!

5 Responses to GE Fanuc split

  1. instsignpost says:

    See Walt Boyes’ comments on this on his blog: GE and FANUC part ways– observers wonder!

  2. instsignpost says:

    Jim Pinto comments in his Newsletter:
    GE Fanuc joint-venture dissolves – expect acquisitions

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