British industry-wide strategy report 2009

MCP created AMIS (Asset Management Improvement Service), the asset management benchmarking tool in response to the DTI announcing that the UK should save £1.3 Billion p.a. through better maintenance management and asset management best pratice. By 1997 the DTI estimated that the AMIS process had potentially saved UK industry £300 Million!

For the past twenty years, MCP Consulting has been providing the AMIS Audit and Asset Management Improvement Service to manufacturing and asset intensive organisations on a worldwide basis. During this period they have been involved in some 4000 asset improvement programmes.

The audit database provides measures of best practice and key performance ratios for all major business sectors. This report is the analysis of approximately 500 audits, with 55% of results covering four sectors: Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Food and Drink and Chemical.

The results are from a number of questions posed to management and staff and are independently audited by an external assessor.

The main highlights show that:

  • 23% of companies have an effective method for determining the relative importance to the business of its assets
  • But only 15% have an effective and regular process for carrying out surveys of asset condition
  • 75% of companies use time based preventative maintenance, with only 5% using a mix of hours run, condition based and time based methods
  • 18% have a good knowledge of craft utilisation which should be in the range of 65-75% of available hours
  • 67% of companies reported downtime (lost production due to engineering causes) of between 12-17%
  • Only 2% have downtime of less than 2%
  • Stores stock turn values for 89% of companies was between 2-4 years with only 6% showing best practice value of less than one year
  • 29% of companies can demonstrate application of a comprehensive work planning and recording system which is usually supported by a CMMS system

Overall the analysis identified that only 12% of companies have successfully adopted full TPM programmes with 30% adopting TPM principles to establish operator asset care programmes

The ability of operators to correctly manage the machinery and equipment in their care is vital to achieving high levels of uptime. However, the survey highlights that only 68% of companies can claim that their operators are fully trained and competent in equipment operation.

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