Security at show!

Industrial Security
Focus of industry experts at ISA EXPO 2009

Seán McGurk

Seán McGurk

Greg Garcia

Greg Garcia

Read-out will as usual be at ISAExpo in Houston (TX US). We will be reporting on products and trends on our ISA Review as we have for the past eight or nine years. We have been receiving some information prior to the show of the different emphases this year.

Sometimes Europeans think that the Americans go overboard with their emphasis on security since the events of September 2001. Nevertheless industrial security which takes centre stage at the show on Wednesday, 7 October will prove fascinating. It will feature presentations by security experts with U.S. Department of Homeland Security experience, as well as a groundbreaking hack and defend tutorial and demonstration on wireless security.

The ISA EXPO 2009 conference will feature six Exchange Conference Tracks centered on key issues facing instrumentation, automation, and control professionals, including a dedicated track on industrial security. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss best practices, lessons learned, and potential solutions to specific automation problems as part of the conference’s technology exchange format.

Securing the US’s Industrial Control Systems Infrastructure
Sean McGurk, DHS Director, Control Systems Security Program (CSSP), will present the ISA EXPO 2009 Keynote Presentation. In his presentation, entitled “Securing the Nation’s Industrial Control Systems Infrastructure”, McGurk is to discuss the current threat landscape, common vulnerabilities and security issues facing critical infrastructure control systems, and mitigation strategies being developed to address these challenges. He will also discuss current program efforts including how to become directly involved in securing the USA’s critical infrastructure control.

Industrial Security and the Political Control System: A View from Washington
Greg Garcia, President, Garcia Strategies, LLC, will deliver the featured presentation, entitled “Industrial Security and the Political Control System: A View from Washington”. Garcia served as the first Presidentially-appointed Assistant Secretary for Cyber Security and Communications (CS&C) for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, from 2006-2008. During his tenure, this department affirmed the urgency of cyber security across the nation and embarked on a comprehensive cyber initiative that will measurably strengthen the security of our nation’s networks against domestic and international threats.

Live Hack and Defend Industrial Wireless Systems Demonstration
Wednesday’s security spotlight will also feature a live “Hack and Defend Industrial Wireless Systems” demonstration. The never-been-done-before wireless hack and defend tutorial session will give attendees the chance to learn techniques about breaking and defending wireless systems, as well as pose questions to the experts.

ISA Security Lounge
The ISA Security Lounge will offer meet-and-greet opportunities with the keynoters—including Sean McGurk and Greg Garcia, industry leaders, recognized professionals, presentations, and running demonstrations of cyber security related topics of interest featured during the technical conference.

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