ISA Europe

European entity for international society

Pieter van der Klooster

Pieter van der Klooster

ISA, the International Society of Automation, has established a European entity, to be known as ISA Europe, to handle business activities including training, exhibitions and conferences. Located in The Netherlands, ISA Europe will start to lead ISA’s European business activities and will take on an expanded role in managing ISA’s strategic relationships throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. ISA is committed to bringing the services and products of the society to the Automation Profession in the key geographic area covered by District 12. Pieter van der Klooster, former managing director for TWP, a key ISA training partner in the ISA 88, 95 and 99 standards arena has been appointed as director of the ISA Europe office.

ISA Europe will focus on ISA business activities. Member and section interaction with the society will continue as before, as District 12, directly with ISA headquarters in North Carolina, USA, or through the District Vice President.

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