Achieving sustainable performance
IPS North American Client Conference

Invensys Process Systems held their North AmericIPS NA Confan Client Conference in Houston Texas in September 2009. It was entitled Achieving Sustainable Performance.

We have here links to reports on this important event form what appears to be a re-vivified company. These reports from Automation World and Control Global two of the leading North American journals of Automation

Automation World’s Gary Mintchel gives a verbal report on what impressed him about the conference.

Gary Mintchell reports from the Invensys Operations Management conference in Houston on September 23. Topics include thoughts on the conference, new organization and structure, new products.

2009 IPS North American Client Conference: Chaos, Crisis, Clarity
By Bill Lydon – Contributing Editor, Automation.com 7/10/2009

Control Global gives a day by day report on the happenings.
Day 1 – 21/9/2009

    – Sustainable Performance Anchors Invensys Client Conference
    – ExxonMobil, Invensys Team Up on Hurricane Ike Recovery
    – Immersive Simulator Extends Training Scope with “Augmented” Reality
    – Teamwork, Procedures Enabled Miracle of Flight 1549
    – PODCAST: Avantis.PRO 5.0 Asset Management Tool
    Features Improved User Productivity, Collaboration
    – Simplicity and Scalability Driving I/A Series Roadmap
    – Taking Care of Users Tops Triconex Priority List

Day 2 – 22/9/2009

    – Better Fieldbus “Control in Field” Saves Time and Headache
    – Refinery Hydrogen Poses Optimization Challenge
    – Simulation Workbench Reduces Start–Up Complexity, Uncertainty
    – CF Industries Streamlines Procurement with Avantis
    – Managing Change to Follow OSHA-PSM Standard

Day 3 – 23/9/2009

    – New I/A Series Tools Aid Cybersecurity Compliance
    – What “Operations Management” Means to Invensys
    – Billions of Dollars at Stake in the Refinery of the Future
    – Sustainable Chemistry Can Mean Good Business Too
    – Invensys Partners for Documentation, Mapping Solution
    – Mitigating the Inevitable Pain of Obsolescence

Sure looks like these two reporters were impressed.

Next week looks busy too with the Emerson do in Orland followed the next week by the annual ISA week in Houston…and they tell us there’s a recession!able align=right”


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  1. […] early September IPS North American Client Conference, “Achieving sustainable performance” was held in Houston. Then at the end of September over 1600 people at the 2009 Emerson […]

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