Read-out 09.05

Time machines and temperature

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No we aren’t getting in to a Wellsian saga here just the current issue of our print periodical, Read-out, Ireland’s journal of instrumentation, control and automation! This, the September/October’09 issue is packed with news, views and people in the automation world in Ireland. The products especially dealt with temperature measurement.

The lead story features the genuinely unique product launched by Longwatch, their Console Recorder. This according to the article made their PR guy, Rich Merrit go into paeons of hyperbolic praise as “breakthrough, best-in-class leading edge…etc…” When we managed to calm him down he told us what it was! Basically it is a plant monitoring system which not only monitors the signals in a process plant but also accomodates video signals from an unlimited number of HMIs to show what the operators were watchnig at the time of an event, alarm or process upset.

We usually call the article on page two the Inside Front” article, and this issue features the Joe Gillespie’s (ARC Advisory Group) report on Coriolis flowmeters entitled Expanding Range of Applications Drive Coriolis Flowmeter Market Growth in 2008. This report predicts continued growth in Asia, Middle East and Latin America whereas Europe and North America will largely rely on replacement rather than new business.

Among the products mentioned is the temperature calibration system from Eurolec. Their CS Series comprises comprises two dry block “black body” sources for calibration with a temperature control system and a pocket for a reference thermometer. The Quadtemp 2000 4-channel thermocouple logger from Madgetech also features.

Another interesting article is one which first appeared in HazardEX, entitled “Are your temperture sensors safe?” It discusses the impact of European regulations, specifically Directive 94/9/EC for equipment used in explosive atmospheres. It appears that not everybody is in complience with this and this could have disastrous consequences.

Other items include Nationa Instruments’ new LabView 2009 which “targets the new technologies;” Omega’s fibreoptic Infrared transmitter OS4000 and a recomendation for JR Leigh’s book “Temperature Measurement & Control,” published by IEE.

The forthcoming dissolution of the over twenty year partnership of GE Fanuc is also featured as is the one hundreth anniversary of the Rotameter company (now known as Rota Yogagawa). There is also some news of Yokagawa’s continued expansion in Ireland.

There are some pictures of interest to Irish readers from the ISAExpo 2009, which it turned out is the last ISAExpo after a proud history of nearly fifty years. There sre details and links for some local and international events, past and future, also.

The next issue (Nov/Dec’09) will cover the parameter of PRESSURE. The deadline for material for this issue is 28th November 2009.

2 Responses to Read-out 09.05

  1. […] Console Recorder was made on the signpost in early September and was headlined in Read-out in the September October Issue. The unit was shown at both the Invensys OpsManage and Rockwell’s Automation Fair in October. […]

  2. […] of trustees at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The Console Recorde was also highlighted in the September/October 2009 issue of Read-out. […]

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