Safety & SM

Social media writes articles!
Integrated safety under the social media microscope!

We usually use Facebook for personal stuff, family and hobbies and “unimportant” stuff like that. Serious business and professional stuff we leave to twitter and LinkedIn or NING sites.

David Greenfield
And the future?
Control Engineering has experienced an unexpected success in attracting industry professionals to its social media groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Nearly 6,000 members have joined the groups in just their first several months of existence. The high level of interactivity by the groups’ members has led to a continuous stream of spirited discussions across the sites.

While regularly reviewing the discussions taking place on the group sites, we found that the keen insights and opinions shared in the course of topic discussions were not only informative, but often entertaining. That’s why we are extending the discussions from our social media groups to Control Engineering’s printed page and our Website—so that all members of our audience can view these discussions and weigh in on them.

However we have made some business Facebook friends as well, especially early on in our Facebook existance when we were trying to work out what this social media (SM) thing was all about. (We’re still trying!)

Anyway that is just a preamble to tell you about an email message that appeared in our mailbox this morning. I think it is self explanatory.

“I just wanted to let everyone know that our first feature article–created entirely from discussions on Control Engineering’s Facebook and LinkedIn social media groups–has been published in print and online.
“The article “Integrated Safety: Has its Time Arrived?” appears in the October 2009 issue and can be accessed online.
“In the article, engineers, integrators, and industry representatives offer a variety of viewpoints on this hot button topic.”

The message was from Control Engineering’s Editorial Director David Greenfield.

Naturally we clicked and found a most interesting and different article. Nothing is solved here. Indeed at the outset we are told that hrough all the discussion, one thing was clear: “Consensus has yet to be reached.” and they ask the provocative question, “Where do you stand on this issue?”

However the one thing that stood out for this reader is the breadth of experience of the contributors. It is very doubtful that this particular group of professional could be, or perhaps would be, gathered together in the compilation of a conventional article.

Perhaps this is the future of publishing and the role of editors in the future – making order of the sometimes chaotic nature of contributions to the various social media networking platforms.

Control Engineering is to be congratulated for this insight.

We were wrong!
Never state something was the FIRST. You’re bound to be wrong! Walt Boyes tweets: “…the Integrated Safety thing from CTE, I should note that we (Control) did it LAST
MONTH and have been doing it a long time now.”


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