Evolution of world of wonder!

Earlier this year many asked Why WonderWorld is Evolving to OpsManage’09? We were told that this expanded event would “add even more value and deliver what you have come to expect at WonderWorld.”

We have attended Wonderware conferences in Ireland and Britain including WonderWorld 2006 in Daventry (GB) and found it fascinating with a large mix of attendees from industry and systems builders from Europe in attendance for an intensive selection of talks and discussions packed into two days.

If you missed this in Anaheim why not try OpsManage’09 in Paris 1st & 2nd December.

Sudipta Bhattacharya

Sudipta Bhattacharya

Of course there were many releases issued to co-incide with the event.
3rd November:
Virtual Realty Training System from Invensys to Help Advance Clean Coal Power for US Department of Energy – the US Department of Energy (DOE) is to utilise the company’s EYESim™ virtual reality training solution as the centerpiece of a new state-of-the-art training center to assist in the development of new generation zero-emission integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plants with carbon capture.
4th November:
Invensys Announces Wonderware Intelligence 1.0 – this new EMI solution features best-in-class data analysis, presentation and reporting with HMI-like ease of use.
InFusion SCADA 2.0 Offering from Invensys Delivers New Functionality, Flexibility and Security for Remote Operations – Comprehensive solution has RTUs for oil & gas, water & wastewater applications.
Invensys Announces Availability of Industrial Utilities Monitoring and Optimization Solution Built On ROMeo 5.2 – New solution enables both demand- and supply side energy management
5th November:
Invensys Introduces Corporate Energy Management Application – Out-of-the-box application provides new visibility is to help achieve energy efficiency.
Wonderware to partner with B&B Automation at METS 2009 – IOM has partnered with highly experienced industrial automation specialists B&B Automation in order to attend METS 2009, Europe’s prime marine equipment showcase.

We have not been at any other these events on the other side of the Atlantic so we were looking forward being vicariously present at the “New WonderWorld”, OpsManage’09, which was held in Anaheim (CA US) through tweets from the participants at this “One Multi-Discipline Event Where You Can Learn How to Empower Your Sustainable Success!”

Were we disappointed? Yes, frankly we were. Although attendance at this event was significantly more than in previous years, the number of tweets emanating from participants was few and far between. Admittedly we are measuring it against the extraordinary almost blow by blow tweets from the Emerson User Group which undoubtedly set the standard against which all such tweetable events will be measured until somebody surpasses them or tweeterdom collapses under the weight of its own success.

But there were some tweets and click here to see them all. A lot were from Wonderware giving details of the product launches but one’s like those from Longwatch “Sudipta is good presenter/leader. Does history repeat itself?” or “some charts are strikingly familiar from times past. Same issues, new paths..” and the intriguing “..half the audience is doing “the Blackberry prayer.” We would have liked it better if they were tweeting on them! This from “Sudi Bhat,” “Great start to the Invensys OpsManage conference. Customer and partner attendance up by 16% in a tough economy. Great job team!” But then perhaps he was biased! And on the final day this from Wonderware: “Sessions packed, theaters bursting, software experiences have clients on the edge of their seats!” Tell us more!

For Automation World its Managing Editor, Wes Iversen, was there with his trusty recorder and secured a number of interesting interviews. These do give some idea of the flavour of the occasion and of themes and direction indicated by this event:

Finally his written report Invensys Operations Management Sharpens Aim appeared in mid November.

David Greenfield of Control Engineering filed a report (5th November) entitled Sustainability positioned as key driver of Invensys Operations Management strategy, where he highlights the keynote of Frito-Ley’s David Haft. He also has a report of Sudipta Bhattacharya’s address where he stressed IOM’s change of focus from stresses on issues control and safety, as well as simulation, optimisation and execution rather than on products

In the 25th Niovember issue of Automation.com./InTech enews, Bill Lydon reports Enterprise Control System Defined.

The event comprised of Industry Forums, Technical Paper Sessions, Training, Hands-on Software Experiences, and Special Interest Meetings. In addition in the background there was a “Collaboration EXPO” with over fifty stands with “demonstrations addressing real issues.”

The conference was an opportunity for Invensys Operations Management to announce the North American winners of its annual Wonderware Open competition. The “Best Industry Solution” winner was Pepsi Bottling Ventures. The “Best Manufacturing Execution System Application” was awarded to Johnson & Johnson. Campbell Soup was recognized for “Best Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Application.” The “Best Mobile Solution” was given to OxyChem Taft and the China Ministry of Railway was awarded “Best HMI / SCADA.” More….

One of the first tweets was an invitation from APEX manufacturing Solutions to a sneak preview their new FactoryWidgets™ for WonderwareT™, low cost mini-applications that display Wonderware-based manufacturing KPIs . FactoryWidgets reside on your PC desktop without need for thick client software or even a browser. They can be in view at all times and dragged anywhere on your screen.

This was one of many exhibits from many complimentary enterprises divided into three “zones”, Manufacturing, Energy and Infrastructure, which were further subdivided into areas of interest such as food, water & wastewater and power generation. There was a further “Product” zone which seems to have been focussed on Wonderware applications and allied IOM products.

Russ Fadel tweets at the end Leaving Invensys OpsManage Conference-lots of buzz on sustainability.”

We will try to include links other reports on this “happening” as they are published and welcome information on these.

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