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The Rockwell Automation Fair in Anaheim (CA US) produced a plethora of reports so I have producing this summary of all the reports and releases I have been able to find thus far. These are mostly gleaned from the twitter link for #autofair and readers may get a better flavour of the event from these.

Tweeting by the hosting company was far more prolific than at previous events we have covered. One thing I noticed was their use of twittering to advise of meetings e.g. “Global machine builders #autofair industry forum starts at 10 a.m. Room 304 C-D http://bit.ly/1hfyEj” or “Roche discusses successful MES implementation at AF industry forum #autofair Room 304 A-B http://bit.ly/21dYiB. See a selection of tweets made from the show at the bottom of the page!

Though the Fair proper started on the 11th November there were lots of things happening on before then.

The major one was the Safety Automation Forum moderated by the indefatigable Gary Mintchell of Automation World.

ControlGlobal produced a daily newsletter (as they have done for other such events) and we place links to each issue at the top. There was also a well attended press event at which Rockwell President Nosbusch discussed trends and the future.

These then are the reports, releases and other miscellaneous pieces of information you might like to read.

Report Day 1 : Report Day 2 : Report Day 3

Editors at Press Conference

Editors listening to President Keith Nosbusch

Automation World

  • Rockwell Automation Makes a Splash in Anaheim
  • Mintchell Report – Rockwell Automation Events – you’ll need to register, which can be a quite formadible process, especialy if you are not from North America!
  • Gary Mintchel’s Feed Forward Automation Fair part 1
  • Sustainable Manufacturing: Seismic Shift or Cost Reduction?
  • Invensys Operations Management Sharpens Aim
  • Rockwell PSUG (Gary Mintchell’s Feed Forward)
  • Automation.com

  • Rockwell Automation Fair 2009 – Smart, Safe & Sustainable Manufacturing (Bill Lydon)
  • Rockwell Automation continues to strengthen process control offerings
  • Managing Automation

  • Rockwell Details 2010 Plans After Somber Q4
  • Control Engineering

  • Rockwell Automation touts smart, safe, sustainable manufacturing solutions
  • Plant Engineering

  • Manufacturing Perspectives at Automation Fair

  • Manufacturing Business Technology

  • Manufacturing is the core of U.S. economic success
  • Press Releases from Rockwell

    Global Manufacturing Trends (Keith D. Nosbush, Chair/CEO RA)
    The Short-and Long-Run Outlook for US Manufacturers (Jeremy Leonard, MAPI Manufacturers Alliance)
    The Evolution of Plant-Wide Optimization (Frank Kulaszewicz, RA)

    11th November

  • Rockwell Automation Announces Availability of Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP Portfolio
  • Rockwell Automation Showcases Smart, Safe and Sustainable Manufacturing Solutions at its Automation Fair Event
  • 10th November

  • Integrated Architecture Podcast Recording (Podcast)
  • Rockwell Automation Continues to Strengthen Process Control Offerings; Outlines Six Areas of Focus for its PlantPAx Process Automation System
  • Short Video presentations:

  • Allen-Bradley SmartGuard 600 safety controller
  • Allen-Bradley Compact GuardLogix safety controller
  • Safe-speed technology from Rockwell Automation
  • Other companies

  • Molex Products
  • Hardy Instruments
  • ProSoft Technology
  • Advanced Micro Controls Inc.
  • HMS Industrial Networks AB
  • FieldServer Technologies
  • E-plan USA
  • Fluke Corp
  • Selected tweets!
    “Day 2 of #autofair is killing my back.Too much stress doing this show daily, but I’m having fun :)”
    “Automation Fair in Anahiem is going great. Several good meetings.”
    “At a great theater presentation…!”
    (Which one please!)
    “Spending the day at #autofair. Stop by the VantagePoint Kiosk and say hello”
    “Frosty, but beautiful day here. Bird feeder brkfst bar very busy this a.m.”
    “Back in office from #autofair a great edu event from Rok Automation…”
    “It’s a great day to talk about Information Solutions at Automation Fair…”
    “…excellent preso on plant-wide energy optimization…”
    “Great to see so many engagd on show flor…”
    “As the curtains close at this year’s #autofair we’d like to thank all attendees, fans & followers for a great event! Looking forward to 2010 in Orlando…”
    “…very busy four days. Many meetings. Good energy good information. Ready for some sleep….”

    We will continue to update this page for the next while as reports and comments surface so please return periodically for more exciting news during the next weeks!

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