Yuletide control

Wenceslaus looks out…

What do you get when you mix Bing Crosby, Good King Wenceslas, C++ programming, PLC and some CRS robot arms together?

A friend of ours was one of the first employees in the Apple facility in Cork city in the south of Ireland. The Apple Cork site facilitates operations for: call center, sales, manufacturing, service and OEM management for products sold in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). This plant was opened by the then Taoiseach (Head of Government), Jack Lynch, himself a Corkman, with great pomp and ceremony in September 1980.

My friend devised a programme using an early pre-MAC Apple to play the electronically the anthem of the city, a song called “The banks of my own lovely Lee!” (Cork city is built on the river Lee).

Shortly afterwards his parents were visiting him and he brought the system home to show it to them. After some time setting it off and explaining the intricacies and general wonderfullness of it he set the thing to play. And everything worked.

There was a silence broken only by his mother asking, “Tell me Jim, what is the advantage of this over a record player?”

So why am I telling this story? Werll this morning when I opened my email I found a message informing me of the updates in the LinkedIn ISA – International Society of Automation Group (2340 members). Included was an intriguing one: “What do you get when you mix Bing Crosby, Good King Wenceslas, C++ programming, PLC and some CRS robot arms together?”

I just had to click! I mean what would you do?

I succumbed and this utube presentation is the result. It was place thee by Instrumentation & Control Engineering Technologist at Swagelok Southwestern Ontario, Sarnia Fluid System Technologies Ltd in Canada. He adds that it was “our 2007 graduation class project from Lambton College’s Instrumentation & Control Engineering Technology (ICET) program.” and adds “Have a Very Merry Automation Christmas!”
And so say all of us!

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