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Participation requested

Get in there and give your view on our discipline!

Our ISA” is a community of automation professionals discussing and debating the past, present, and future of the International Society of Automation.  Anyone who has a point to make, a bone to pick, or a wrong to right can do it here.”

Building up ISA

Thus starts a new participatory site for discussing constructively the future of the International Society of Automation (ISA)

The society has been the leading light in automation, especially in the English-speaking world and in the Americas for over sixty years. Recently the changes in communication (like this blog) which is being called Social Media or perhaps more accuractly, Social Networking, have made all of society, business, associations and government look seriously at what they are about. The ISA is no exception.

Gary Mintchel, of Automation Weekly, comments “All organizations seem to go through this at some point. Who owns it? The leadership and staff? Or the members?” The initial posts on this blog seem to be awakening real discussions and suggestions.

In addition the “Global slump” and credit crunch have made what appeared to be permanent and reliable businesses and business models weak and suddenly vulnerable.

We discussed this a few months ago in a blog entitled “Whether ISA!” While things have progressed since then including many painful changes have occurred. However there is always the danger in re-organising entities in times of great change like today of merely tinkering with a model that has proved so successful in the past – building our new business model on the old and let’s face it proven model in the past. But the problem is that the past is not the present. The past doesn’t appear to be working. Who reads newspapers for news now?

So this new site, which, as it says, is independent of, though not inimical to, the ISA, can be a very useful catalyst for change.

So get in there all you automation professionals and spell out your ideas.  Jon DiPietro who has started this initiative explains, “…that’s what it’s all about – spreading ideas.”


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