What matters now!

Happy Christmas to you

So this is Christmas!

It is a time when we try to concentrate on the things that really matter in our lives. Our loves, our personal relationships and remembering things past. Unless of course we subscribe to the Scrooge philosophy of Bah Humbug.

Nevertheless after such a year as we have just experienced it is useful to consider the priorities and changes that are occuring so quickly in this day and age and how they effect our “working” life and therefore indirectly our “personal” life.

This morning I got the latest blog from Chris Rand and he was was giving a present for the year end. A little light holiday reading he called it.

Apparantly our good friend Seth Godin has got 70 “big thinkers” to contribute to a free eBook called “What Matters Now” with inspirational articles about “Things to think about (and do) this year”.

Download now!

So here it is for you too. Read and enjoy!

May we wish all of you and your families every blessing for Christmas and in 2010 every success and prosperity.

If you want a bit of Automated Music played by real Robotic Instruments we refer back to our Yuletide Control.

An of course you will need some directions about getting everything ready for Christmas. If all else fails see sketch!

Ready for Christmas

And finally no Christmas would be complete without a Jim Pinto Christmas Carol, would it?

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, except for my mouse
My grandkids awoke to ask what was the matter
‘Twas not Santa Claus, ’twas my keyboard clatter

One would think that my friends would all be fast asleep
But my email keeps going click-click and beep-beep
‘Cause elsewhere in the world it’s tomorrow already
And my flood of email comes strong, fast and steady

While the old fashioned types still send their regards
By snail-mail with postage and hard-copy greetings-cards
My cyberspace friends simply copy and paste
Their cute email greetings, just in time with no waste

I type “Froehliche Weihnachten” for my German friends
My “Feliz Navidad” Spanish greetings extends
And my English buddies get a “Chin-chin old chap!”
“Put a prawn on the barbie!” is my Down-under rap

While others send few cards with stamps and lick-lick
I send off six thousand email cards with a click
The answers come back at almost speed of light
That’s what makes my email go beep-beep in the night

But please cyber friends, don’t email too much
Don’t just have a virtual holiday  – go touch!
I wish you all a good time and good cheer
To all Season’s greetings! And a Happy New Year!

The real Christmas!


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