SCADA help requested!

A client has asked to pick our brains!

He has been asked to develop a small SCADA package for a wind turbine (5KW to 50KW). A fully featured version will be for the engineering test bed. The production version will be a web client.

He is strongly considering using CiTect. Has anybody any insights or suggestions to offer?

He is strongly attracted to CiTect because they are owned by Schneider with whom he
worked for for a couple of years.

5 Responses to SCADA help requested!

  1. David says:

    I would recommend Indusoft Web Studio. It’s a powerful and flexible HMI package that integrates well with several PLC’s, and can dump data directly to SQL. You have choices for the clients, which could be Windows or on Windows CE, and either of those could act as a web server, allowing full control.

  2. Nigel says:

    I would recommend strongly using Adroit SCADA HMI from Adroit Technologies. Not only is the product used extensivley already in the power sector they provide a version for OEMs complete with webserver and I believe the latest version includes smart client technology and .NET functionality ……

  3. instsignpost says:

    But does anyone have any experience, good, bad or indifferent on Citect?

  4. John says:

    I’d go for Adroit – it’s very flexible, high-performance, cost-effective due to I/O-only licencing and ease-of-configuration, runs on all Windows Desktop and Server versions: XP thru Windows 7, well-supported in UK and Europe. Vector graphics for different monitor sizes, graphical replay, bi-directional SQL database connectivity, extensive symbol library, etc, etc

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