Celebrating 25 years of partnership

Andy Muschamp of KROHNE (right) congratulates Derek Wharton of DWN (left) on 25 years successful partnership.

When it comes to celebrating anniversaries, 25 years is normally associated with Silver. However, in service terms, Silver is perceived as second best and in this case, DWN Instrumentation Ltd have provided nothing short of Gold service to their partners across Ireland according to a release received today.

DWN have offices in both Dublin and Cork and have been successfully distributing a broad cross section of KROHNE flow and level instruments for the past 25 years, mainly to the pharmaceutical, dairy and brewing sectors.

Derek Wharton and Eddie Nolan are directors of DWN and they are both thrilled by the relationship that has developed between their company and KROHNE. Derek commented; “whilst we recognise that it is a great achievement, the relationship has been successful because we selected the best manufacturing partner.” Eddie added, “KROHNE are undoubtedly experts in the field of instrumentation and have always managed to meet the exacting demands of our customers.”

KROHNE’s sales manager, Andy Muschamp, responsible for Ireland added, “We have become world class through our R&D capabilities; we developed the world’s first commercially available, single straight tube Coriolis mass flowmeter, an award winning technology. Our production facilities are modern purpose built units incorporating the latest ‘just in time’ and linear manufacturing process. Of course, it’s not all about having the best products; we also have a fully integrated customer service team, which is backed up with service, repair and calibration services. Combining our outstanding products and services with DWN’s distribution, service and commissioning capabilities is a perfect partnership, ensuring that we reach our target market and more importantly sell our products. DWN have done a great job over the last 25 years and we look forward to building the relationship further over the next 25 years!”

KROHNE has enjoyed its success in Ireland by servicing the various markets with its level and flow measurement products such as TDR and FMCW radar level meters and Coriolis, electromagnetic, ultrasonic and variable area flowmeters. KROHNE has a reputation as one of the few manufacturers with such a wide and comprehensive product portfolio, offering a one-stop-shop to industries as widespread as oil and gas, water, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, mining and shipping.

KROHNE and DWN are also expanding their business due to the growing demand from the Oil and Gas sectors in Ireland by supplying the latest custody transfer metering systems, leveraging the wealth of knowledge and experience KROHNE has in this sector.

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