A good news story – Control Engineering to return – #PAuto

The rumours started yesterday but now we know the good news!

The saved Mastheads!

CFE Media LLC (Content for Engineers) is a new, privately held company formed by Jim Langhenry and Steven Rourke, previous Reed Business Group Publishers.
The company will be located outside of Chicago and plans for a quick and timely rejuvenation of the engineering community’s premium research and information source.

After our bitter-sweet “A tale of two media” in mid April. We are more than delighted to confirm the rumour. CFE Media LLC has purchased assets of Control Engineering, Plant Engineering, and Consulting Specifying Engineer from Reed Business Information. All three websites will resume providing the latest news, products, tutorials, videos, webcasts, feature articles, and more as soon as the sites have been moved to new, enhanced web platform in June.

These industry-leading brands are the definitive go-to sources in the plant, automation and control, as well as the building systems specification markets. According to a statement they consistently deliver information that engineers rely on extensively to assist them with their jobs and business operations. Plant Engineering has a total magazine, newsletter and monthly site view audience of 186,600, Control Engineering 343,000, and Consulting-Specifying Engineer 157,000.

“We are extremely excited to re-launch and re-energize the brands that have meant so much to so many engineers over the years,” said Jim Langhenry, CFE Media President. “Our top priority under new ownership will focus on providing high value, high-demand content to a targeted engineering audience in the ever-evolving ways they want consume the information.”

Langhenry went on to announce that many of the previous editorial, sales and operations personnel will be part of the new team as the brands are re-positioned for future growth. “We look forward to remaining the most respected information source available to engineers and to delivering new and engaging content and tools for our subscribers as well as new media and marketing services for our clients and partners” he continued.

“We look forward to continuing to help you do your jobs more effectively. If you have product, content or other new service ideas that you would like to share with the CFE Media team please send them along!”

One more thing! CFE stands for Content for Engineers. This knowledge bodes well for our industry. There are perhaps too many conglomorates which have taken over respected titles not for the purpose of informing and guiding the discipline but rather to improve their own bottom lines (and who know, perhaps the linings of their pockets) of accountants and opportunist investors.

• Read also this article from Control Engineering Europe: CFE Media saves CE North America.

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