“New government bodes well for British!”

David Frigsted on CNBC

“The change in the UK government looks very good for the UK economy. Getting spending under control is a fundamental requirement for a healthy business economy. At the same time, the support for innovation and entrepreneurship is very important to take advantage of the next economic boom which will be centred on innovation and smart technologies”. David Frigstad, Chairman of Frost & Sullivan, was on CNBC Monday morning at 11.45 am.

Mr Frigstad appeared on CNBC’s business news programme “Strictly Money” where he highlighted a strategic point of view for industries and sectors to grow in light of today’s economic climate.

His current visit to Britain is for Frost & Sullivan’s 2010 Global Growth, Innovation and Leadership Congress – ‘GIL 2010: Europe’ starting on the evening of Monday 17 May 2010, at the Emirates Stadium in London and will continue through Wednesday. On Tuesday his keynote speech will focus on Developing a Visionary Perspective on Growth. Complimenting Frigstad’s outlook on the economy will be Holger Schmieding, Chief Economist – Europe with Bank of America / Merrill Lynch whose keynote presentation – Eye on the Economy: Can the upswing get stronger? – will also be delivered to GIL 2010 participants on Tuesday.

“Historically the UK economy has always been driven by innovation,” explains Mr Frigstad. “There is an unprecedented opportunity for the UK to develop centres of excellence for smart technologies such as electric vehicles, renewable energy battery technologies, green chemicals and innovation in Healthcare. What we find particularly exciting about the next era of innovation is that it is totally focused on planet health. We must realise that leveraging innovation as a resource is the best way to address global challenge”.

The focus of this year’s event in London is on leveraging innovation as a resource to help shape a better future for our companies and our careers. For three days London will become the hub for CEOs, their teams and industry luminaries of a global community that explores tools and strategies to build a solid growth process. Frost & Sullivan, along with GIL members and a comprehensive alliance of visionaries, innovators and leaders, is and will be engaged in sharing, inspiring and creating a continuous flow of new ideas and fresh perspectives which leverage innovation as a resource to help shape a better future for the growth of our companies and our careers.

“At this week’s event we will be holding industry visionary think tanks which will focus on creating future scenarios for 2020”, concludes Mr Frigstad. “These scenarios will reveal powerful opportunities and unmet needs which can be addressed with innovation. We will be hosting visionaries, innovators and leaders from throughout Europe who will work together to collaboratively develop a new visionary perspective and best practice benchmarks which can be used to drive growth and stimulate the economy”.


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