Wireless to feature in English fieldbus conference

Presentations to look out for at this year’s PROFIBUS and PROFINET User Conference

A major current discussion area in factory and process automation relates to the use of wireless sensors, and whether they can be considered reliable enough for important monitoring and control applications in industrial plants. The next PROFIBUS and PROFINET User Group conference to be held at the end of June will present several papers discussing the types of radio communications suitable for such applications, and will discuss some of the applications which have already applied wireless techniques.

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The conference is scheduled for two days from 29-30 June, at the Stratford Manor Hotel in Warwickshire (GB), and once again this will be a major meeting place for experts and users involved in the specification and development of digital plant automation systems, to both exchange views and hear of the latest developments. On wireless there will be a presentation describing a recent project undertaken by a brewery in central Europe, where FMA Process Automation, Daconi Wireless and Siemens implemented a system using Industrial Ethernet and wireless communications to improve operational efficiency, in the production of the flagship Pilsner Urquell brand beer.

Dipl Ing Thomas Schildknecht, of Schildknecht AG, will describe his application of wireless Profibus in industrial applications and then Peter Brown, a functional safety professional with Siemens Industry Automation will discuss the applications for PROFINET and PROFIsafe over wireless systems, in a way that will be suitable for ordinary plant engineers to understand. Peter is the Siemens British expert in a number of product areas including safety control systems and communication systems, and also a Help Desk Team Leader, so understands how difficult the whole topic can seem.

If practical demonstrations of the technology are more of interest than an understanding of the future development possibilities, the User Conference offers Workshops in parallel with the main lectures, where PROFIBUS Competence Centre instructors show how to use diagnostics tools to identify site wiring or equipment problems. Many of the lecturers in the workshops have extensive site experience in installing, commissioning and troubleshooting PROFIBUS networks: Mark Cargill, now with MWH Consulting, will demonstrate how to turn data from the modern ‘Smart’, or intelligent sensors now installed on most sites, into useful information.

The PROFIBUS and PROFINET User group meeting will be held at the Stratford Manor Hotel complex at Stratford-upon-Avon on 29-30 June, just 5 minutes from junction 15 of the M40. With a full technical conference, exhibition by all the major suppliers and equipment vendors to the industry, and practical workshop sessions, this once again will be a major event for anyone considering or specifying a new automation system or plant upgrade.

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