Staying with the coriolis flow

New online community addresses customer feedback by providing ways to connect and collaborate with peers online about Coriolis flow and density measurement

We have noted before that Emerson seems to be ahead of the posse when it comes to utilising this new thing we call social medal. Here is another example.

Tom Moser, President & Chief Blogger MicroMotion

Emerson Process Management has launched an online resource to help users find new ways to increase their knowledge while connecting with peers on Coriolis flow and density measurement issues. Based on feedback from users of Emerson’s Micro Motion® flow and density meters who wanted to access and share such information online, the Micro Motion Online Community was developed to serve this customer base and introduce Coriolis flow and density measurement technology to new users.

The new Micro Motion Online Community provides a forum for exploring industry-specific measurement challenges, discussing Coriolis flow and density applications, and sharing best practices to optimise user processes. In addition, community members can network with peers, learn more about available Coriolis flow and density measurement technologies, and even poll other members to learn about measurement trends.

The Micro Motion Online Community features blogs, private and public groups, videos, event listings, a knowledge wiki, and polls. Users can build their network by “friending” each other and exchange instant messages directly with these contacts.

“We hope the online community will not only increase our touch points with our Micro Motion customer base, but will encourage conversations among our users and non-users within particular industries and application uses,” said Tom Moser, president and “Chief Blogger” at the Micro Motion division of Emerson. “The social aspect has an important role in the community. We hope this will be more than just a basic ‘question and answer’ session but, instead, will bring users together to share experiences and knowledge and also build their networks.”

If other companies are doing similar things it might be a good idea to publicise it!

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