Maximising your Automation Week experience – on-line!

We mentioned in a side box in a recent blog that ISA’s Automation Week 2010: Technology and Solutions Event features an online community to help you network with like-minded automation professionals.

We have now had a chance to go through the community site and it really is very good and well worth it for participants in this event.

Here are four things you can do on the community site.

It's good to talk!

    Start a conversation.
    Make the conference about you.
    Find out about what you want to know by asking the speakers and attendees what’s on your mind. (Some conversations have started already – will you be attending Dick Morley’s Cowboy event on Wednesday? you can learn more about it here, Yah Hoo!).

    Build a schedule.
    You can build your own personal schedule and take it anywhere you like. Export it to outlook or iCal to carry your schedule on your phone/pda, or print it out and bring it with you (This is possibly the coolest part of this resource, especially if you hate going through programmes and wondering what to do. I can’t wait to play with this. You will also see who else is going!)
    Connect with people within your industry.
    Once you build your profile, the online community will give you a list of people that you “match” with based on your interest that you have tagged yourself with. How could networking get any easier? (I nice feature too, again looks fun. “Contacts” helps you match with relevent attendees.)

    Schedule private meetings.
    Do you have some people that you absolutely need to spend some time with while you are at ISA Automation Week? Why not schedule some time for the two or three of you to meet. It’s easy to set up and edit. (Again this is a good example of easy to arrange meeting schedules!)

“Make the most of your conference experience by joining and participating at the ISA Automation Week online community today,” advises a spokesperson.

Participants in this event may start their experience now by clicking on the “Online Community link” (on the right hand side of the main Automation Week home page and setting up a profile. Lots have including the writer. I look forward to seeing you on-line and in person in Houston.

See you there.

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