The start of two hectic weeks…#EMrex #ISAwk

The last week of September and the first of October promise to be hectic for automation professionals endevouring to keep up with developments.

Emerson Global Users Exchange kicks off the frenzy on 27th September and continues until Friday 1st October. Last years was an exciting affair and Readout attended “virtually” and some of the streamed sessions were excellent. We wrote a brief report this in our blog  as “Real and virtual at Conference.” This year they intend streaming some of the sessions again on the Livestream site. A facility is included to register so that one may be advised in good time when a presentation is to be streamed.

Here are Some Handy Links to Know for Emerson Exchange for both personal or virtual participants from  Emerson’s blogger par excellence, Jim Cahill.

People may also follow the event on twitter using the #EMrex hash tag. It is surprising the amount of information that may be gleaned from these 140 character messages.

This event is being held in San Antonio (TX US).

In the same US state, down the road so to speak, in Houston, the ISA’s Automation Week is been held in the following week. It starts with the annual ISA Gala Event commemorating innovators and trail-blazers in the automation field throughout the world. This is on the evening of Monday 4th October.

The event proper starts on the next morning and the programme looks exciting and innovative. They have a facility on the website for visitors to plan their time there. They may navigate their way through the dozens of conference options with PathFinder. This assists them in selecting their own unique combination of sessions—a conference “path”—that shapes a learning experience suited to the participant’s individual job function and professional goals.

In preparation for this event the organisers have also instituted an on-line community, where participants may articulate their particular interests and perhaps meet. Called conference 2.0, through this new feature challenges can be identified and solutions can be proposed before the first stroll through the exhibit hall or the first word spoken by a speaker.  Pat Gouhin, Executive Director and CEO of ISA commented that this feature “is designed to add to the intimacy and networking opportunities that are a key value proposition in the new ISA Automation Week model.”

ISA Automation Week may also be followed on twitter using the #ISAwk hashtag.

Read-out’s Eoin Ó Riain will be a virtual attendee at #EMRex but hopes to attend Automation week in person and hopes to meet his many twitter, LinkedIn and facebook followers and friends there.

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