“So much information, so much going on, too little time!”

As we foretold Two hectic Automation Weeks! commenced on 27th September 2010.

Emerson User Group Exchange which ended on 1st October 2010  exhausted and delighted everybody with the breadth of its scope.

John Berra who retired on 3oth September 2010


This years event was however tinged with a little sadness when one of the giants of the automation world bowed out after many years of service to Emerson Process Management. Happily John Berra, will not be severing his links entirely either with the company or the discipline and no doubt will continue to share his undoubted expertese and wisdom with his successors for many years to come.

The Read-out Signpost joins all those who wish him well in the coming years.

There were of course the valedictory interviews and we include links to some here:

Emerson’s John Berra says farewell (ControlGlobal)

John Berra Retires Today, Offers Thoughts On 40 Years (Gary Mintchell)

John Berra’s farewell (Control Global video)


There were many presentations and some of these have been posted to slide share Emerson Exchange Slideshare Site. Some were webcast and are now available on their LiveStream Site.

There was time for laughter too as in Wednesday’s luncheon speaker who cut to the chase—both in terms of talking points and of various vegetables—as he drove home his points—both of his machetes and of his topic: you have to face your fears. Grab Your Fears By the Handle said speaker Frank Miles!

There are some interesting interviews to be seen on the The #EMRex You Tube Channel.

We endevoured to cover events both by following tweets and the livestreamed events but very early on we gave up, beaten by an avalaunch of tweets! However we piggybacked on the many reports which came thick and fast from the San Antonio site of this annual event and updated them on our Read-out Instrument Signpost home page each day as we received them. Here they are now.

Emerson Global Users Exchange

Follow the event on twitter by searching for #EMRex and The #EMRex Daily

See  Jim Cahill

Day 1 ReCap

Day 2 ReCap

Day 3 ReCap

Day 4,5 etc ReCap

AutomationWorld @ EMRex

Exchange Today No 1

Rune Rapenhagen & Mike Boudreaux Interviews.

Exchange Today No 2

Emerson’s Sonnenberg Talks Innovation, Business (Gary Mintchell)

Exchange Today No 3

Exchange Today No 4

Human Centered Design (Wes Iversen video Interview)

Exchange Today No 5

EMREX 2 days in (Gary Mintchell)

Attendees have their say!

Selection of Pictures

Show Print Daily (Digital Edition)

Latest Buzz from Emerson Exchange 2010 (Gary Mintchell’s video)

His final wrap-up (podcast)

ControlGlobal at EMRex

Show News 1

Tools for the Safety Lifecycle (On Mike Boudreaux’s roadmap!)

Show News 2

Show News 3

Emerson Exchange plus latest on Stuxnet! (Sound Off)

Some other blogs

Genentech’s Najmi: Building Soft Bridges Between Islands of Automation

Get Engineers and Chemists Talking, or Face the Black Box Syndrome (PharmaQbD Design Blog)

Prime Time Batch Analytics (Process Copntrol Musings)

Conquering Complexity (Automation.com November 2010)

We don’t say that we have located EVERY report or presentation on-line in this post. That really is not its function. You will get almost everything on the links we have provided and we especially  recomend that you should keep an eye on Jim Cahill’s Emerson Process Experts. There’s always lots of interesting stuff there.

and next year the #EMRex they do it all over again as the fun shifts to the Nashville Opryland Oct 24-28!

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