OpsManage – Huge change in two years!

“Invensys Operations managements definitely is led by process people now, huge change over two years.”

Gary Mintchell

"Yummy food, great conversation!" at OpsManage NA 2010 (Pic: Gary Mintchel)

Do you want to optimize the business impact of your operation’s performance and overall profitability?
Do you want to meet today’s challenges and discover solutions for achieving excellence in control, assets, productivity, environment and safety?
Do you want a simpler way to gain optimal control of your manufacturing or infrastructure enterprise using the latest Enterprise Control System concepts?

These are the question poised on the Opsmanage website and of course they are rhetorical.

Opsmanage is the Invensys Operations Management user event held annually in many places around the globe.  We commented on last year’s event  OpsManage09 in Anaheim. We were disappointed that there were few tweets to enable somebody to experience the event from afar. This year was better and we were able to participate and share many of the reports with visitors to the Read-out Instrumentation Signpost (see box below). Mind you there were no live webcasts – that we know of – but then we must remember that unlike other user group meetings this one goes on tour so perhaps a webcast would spoil the excitement.

Before flying into Orlando, where the North American OpsManage was held, Gary Mintchel of Automation Week psyched us all up with a short Video Essay on conference season in automation (which lasts about  9 minutes). Here he not only discusses this event but also that of Emerson, ISA Automation Week and the forthcoming Rockwell event which coincidentally is also being held in Orlando.

There were as we said more tweets, though there was “only one company tweeter” to give us a flavour of things as it started to get into gear on the Monday. “Cyber Security major topic at #OpsManage” and a more human “The party has started! First night’s cocktail reception…yummy food, great conversations!” And then after the keynote the message “IOM definitely is led by process people now, huge change over two years.” A marked contrast to the headlines then “Where’s the automation?” And “Sr VP Mktg & product strategy Rashesh Mody now explaining how all new products fill out Enterprise Control System.” This was getting meaty! “Wow, each session I have attended at #opsmanage has been standing room only” and “Excellent strategy discussion today over lunch—media, analysts & Invensys leaders sharing perspectives on the future! “ Walt Boyes of Control was there too and he was really enjoying himself,  he reported, “This is a very interesting experience for me, because this is the first time in years, I think, that I’ve been at a user group meeting without having to help produce a show daily. I can actually go to the sessions I’m interested in, as opposed to the ones I have to cover. The choices are nearly overwhelming!”

Yes the show daily was produced this time by Automation World and a nice neat and compact assimulation of the events it is too. Each day is listed on the links below. Featured in the various editions links to several video interviews by Managing Editor Wes Iverson as well.

And that was only Day one! “Day two begins. It’s an upbeat atmosphere all around. Plenty of industry presentations so far.” And product news “iPhone and iPad clients for Wonderware applications at #opsmanage A solution by Autoware. “ and “Please visit Enterasys Booth the #opsmanage  show!” and “Significantly reduce COST of safe, accurate real-time HF catalyst monitoring w/ Alkylation Measurement Solution from Invensys. “

The hash tag for the event is #opsmanage where you can see many more of the shared tweets.

Of course there were a number of release about products and company news which again are listed in the box below.

The verdict? A late tweet from Automation Week will suffice: “Exciting week at #opsmanage with AW covering the event; most popular story is InFusion & Enterprise Cntrl

Press Releases

  • Breakthrough Alkylation Measurement Solution from Invensys
  • Invensys introduces new Triconex General Purpose System
  • New Foxboro PAC System from Invensys offers integrated hybrid control and data acquisition at PLC pricing.
  • Invensys Operations Management Introduces SmartGlance Mobile Reports
  • Strategic Alliances with Sogeti USA and Applied Manufacturing Technologies
  • New offerings can easily communicate and integrate as part of a unified ECS
  • Coverage
    Newsletters by Automation World

  • Newsletter 21 Oct
  • Newsletter 20 Oct
  • Newsletter 19 Oct
  • Newsletter 18 Oct
  • Lots of Pictures
    InFusion, Enterprise Control Systems Explained (19 Oct)
    Invensys OpsManage’10 Fills the Hall (19 Oct)
    News Updates (18 Oct 2010)
    OpsManage10 Video Essay Wrap up (21 Oct) (Gary Mintchell – Automation World)

    The Hour of Power – Invensys executives talk about the power business
    OpsManage Expo ties things together
    How to do a magic trick– make a DCS vanish and reappear
    Invensys Operations Management One Year On (Walt Boyes – Control Global)

    Enterprise Control System – the journey continues… (Blll Lydon Automation.com Nov 2011)

    Invensys OpsManage’10 Brings Everything Under One Roof (Larry O’Brien and Craig Resnick ARC 4/11/2010)

    Invensys Operations Management Introduces SmartGlance Mobile Reports (Market Wire)

    This event will be held at various venues throughout the world between now and 2nd December 2010

    Well! That was North America so now for the rest of the world, China,  Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Paris & Brazil, We hope to attend the OpsManage EURA (Europe, Russia, Africa) to be held in Paris in November so watch out for us there.

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