Of pages, blogs and stats

This is a compilation of the most visited pages on our site and blogs. As we said in a recent blog, Lies, damn lies and statistics, these are not always the most reliable way to measure the effectiveness or otherwise of a web presence. Nevertheless they hold a certain fascination don’t they?

Main website: read-out.net

We have had a website since 1994 but only started taking stats around the year 2000. It has grown from an average of about 500 unique sessions a week up to over 6000 and seems to have settled around 4000 over the last few years.

During the month of Januray 2011 we had 16,296  looking at 36,150 pages. The bulk of these were from .com domains which include US users but also many other locations. The highest country location outside of the .com (USA?) visiting the site during January was .co.uk, followed in close succession by Canada, Netherlands and Israel. All in all over sixty domains visited from locations as far apart as Romania, Turkmenistan, Singapore and Chile.

January 2011
News Page:Contains brief headlines and link to full story.

All time (Since January 2000)
Acronyms Page:  Acronyms and Initials Index used in Instrumentation, Controls and on the Net.

We have more detailed stats listed on our stats pages on the site

Our Blogs

There were 2240 visits to our blog sites during the month. We have three blog sites, two on the WordPress platform and one on the Blogger platform.

Word Press sites:
InstSignpost’s Blog: This mostly has papers, reports on events and comments. (This blog!)

During January
Radar level measurement best practice: Article by Sarah Parker of Rosemount. (Posted 10 September 2010)

All time (Since March 2009)
Stuxnet – not from a bored schoolboy prankster! Article by Nick Denbow of IAI with a side panel of links to more up-to-date information on this malware.  This side box is updated regularly which may also explain its popularity. (Posted 21 September 2010)

Conference & Exhibitions Blog: This features press releases and supplementary information issued at conferences and exhibitions. This is the latest blog site in the Read-out stable.

During January
#OpsManage People: Brief biographies of Invensys personalities who attended the Invensys User Group meeting in Paris. (Posted 20/11/2010)

All time (since November 2011)
#OpsManage People: Brief biographies of Invensys personalities who attended the Invensys User Group meeting in Paris. (Posted 20/11/2010)

Blogger Site
Instsignpost: This features for the most part press releases issued in the normal day-to-day business of Read-out. Some of these will later appear in the magazine especially if they are of particular interest in the Irish market.

During month of January:
Appointment brings focus to energy and controls markets: News of the appointment of Amir Sami to the British arm of Carlo Gavazzi. (Posted 12 January 2011)

All Time (Since midAugust 2010)
#EMRex Beaten by an avalanche of tweets – admission of failure to keep up with tweets from Emerson’s User Group meetings (Posted 28th September 2010)

All blogs from the WordPress InstSignpost Site are automatically posted to our Facebook Page and to our twitter account. All tweets are linked to our LinkedIn presence too. We are not sure as to how effective the facebook presence is as yet. It has only been online for about six months.

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