Driving growth in Europe

Europe – Companies need business platforms to drive growth and innovation

More than two thirds of CEOs are frustrated with their current growth rate and would like to see it accelerated. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to grow at above industry average. Without a doubt, Frost & Sullivan experts concede: companies need to have a solid platform in place to drive growth and innovation.

There are GIL 2011 events in locations throughout the world besides London and details may be found on our events page.

Members of the growth partnership company’s exclusive global community of today’s best visionaries, innovators and leaders will gather for a third consecutive year on 17 – 18 May, 2011 at the Emirates Stadium in London for Frost & Sullivan’s flagship client event, GIL 2011: Europe The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership. This year’s congress coincides with Frost & Sullivan’s 50th anniversary as a leading information and growth consulting company. CEOs, along with members of their senior management teams and other top-level industry executives, will come together to share, engage and inspire one another with a multitude of best practice disciplines, tools, strategies and various networking opportunities.

“We will examine the dynamics of growth and various tools and processes companies can use to grow their business,” shares David Frigstad, Chairman of Frost & Sullivan. “We will develop relationships and participate in discussions focused on rethinking and strengthening companies’ growth strategies. We will uncover new opportunities for growth by learning to develop our visionary perspective for the future and beyond, identifying unmet needs and required innovations in responding to evolving Mega Trends of our industries.”

Frigstad will dissect what the growth partnership company refers to as the Six Platforms of GIL (Growth, Innovation and Leadership), a methodology which empowers companies to develop greater visionary perspectives for the future of their industry, focus on driving growth through innovation and supporting successful implementation of their strategic growth strategy at best practice levels.

The congress will also identify and analyze the most important global mega trends, potential scenarios of specific trends in 2020, and the implications of these in transforming society, markets and cultures. Thought leaders and visionaries will brainstorm with fellow participants to identify the most pertinent global forces which can impact businesses and personal lives, and the next generation business models for success.

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