ISA Ireland MIS seminar success

Kieran Coughlan (ISA Ireland), John McKeon (Astellas), Michael Lawlor (Genzyme), Charlotta Johssen (Lund University Sweden) David O’Brien (President ISA Ireland) and Barry Lawlor (J&J Jannssen Biologics).

The Ireland Section of the International Society of Automation had a very successful half-day seminar in Cork city on 12th April 2011.

The over seventy attendees were very positive about how the event went. For a volunteer led function it was remarkably professional and smoothly run.

ISA Ireland SeminarOverheard!

I thought the event was good as it bridged the gap between automation & information/execution systems; or IT versus Engineering if you like. A different perspective. As a Mechanical Engineer dedicated for years to IT, it is nice to see the dots joined!

First impressions are always important and in this case the venue (Rochestown Park Hotel) was the right fit, easy to access with plenty of room for atttendees and sponsors and the sound, lighting and projector capabilities were good. The quality of the speakers was superb and they knew how to use the facilities and the power point presentation software. There were no embarrassing pauses as things had to be adjusted. (We also liked the hotel as they have free WiFi access throughout the building – other top-class hotels please copy!)

The subject matter was interesting and drew a substantial number of the user community especially but not exclusively the pharma sector. The fact that the speakers were not aligned with any particular vendor and included actual users made the event more attractive and useful.

So what was discussed?

First off  Barry Lawlor, Janssen Biologics (J&J), spoke on the development and roll-out of a core MES Solution across the J&J global pharmaceutical supply group. He addressed the initial plan, its ongoing execution and the future development plans.

Michael Lawlor of Genzyme followed with the view from the Pack Line level up in design, selection, and integration of a Serialisation/Product Security Project. He drew on his experience in leading several projects as well as been on the integration team of the MES system to the Production Systems and Automation Lead on the Corporate Serialisation Project. This project was initiated in late 2007 and is still running today in the implementation of French market CIP13 requirements.

Each speaker was presented with a commemorative plaque!

The next speaker, Dr Charlotta Johnsson is Associate Professor in the Department of Automatic Control at Lund University (S). She is also a voting member in the ISA SP88 and ISA SP95 standardisation committees. Her contribution to te event was a valuable insight into Make2Pack and ISA88-part5, where the standarisation is coming from and where it hopes to go and how the standards are arrived at. She also gave a brief outline of ISA 95 developments.

Finally John Mckeon, an engineering professional who has worked as a consultant to Astellas Ireland for many years. He has worked in a number of automation and system integration projects, including their response to counterfeiting and the implementation of track and trace. His talk was a fascinating expose of global serialisation, anti-counterfeit and track and trace. He outlined the different regulations and standards in different countries and regions and their impact on production and supply.

The local ISA President, David O’Brien concluded afternoon’s proceedings by thanking all involved, speakers, sponsors, those who attended and particularly the committe of volunteers, especially Kieran Coughlin who did trojan work to make the MIS Technical Seminar a great event for the Section.

View showing large attendance at ISA Ireland Seminar

The sponsors of the event were Rockwell Automation, Emerson Process Management, Zenith Technologies, Crest Solutions, nne Pharmaplan, Enterprise System Partners, and Siemens.

Large pictures fro Creative Photography!

One Response to ISA Ireland MIS seminar success

  1. Jim Robinson says:

    Enjoyed reading about your meeting in Cork. Spent a Christmas there. I did not attend any ISA functions while I worked in Ireland..too bad for me.
    I was an E&I engineer for the Coke project in County Mayo. My wife and I did a 360deg tour of Ireland during our year long stay. We enjoyed many of the bed & breakfast homes through out your country. We visited many, many interesting places. The people are wonderful, helpful, and warm hearted. However, in the ‘West’ we found ourselves with locals speaking only heavy Gaelic (?spelling?)…that was interesting for sure.

    Jim Robinson
    North Carolina, USA

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