So good we’re doing it again!

Are you ready for Customer 2.0?

Last year we did something we never did before! We agreed to sponsor an event outside Ireland. We talked about this in our blog, “Sponsorship! A new departure for Read-out Signpost!” We pointed out that Read-out and our virtual presence The Read-out Instrumentation Signpost rarely sponsor events.”

The venue Chase Park Plaza, St Louis

The sponsorship was for the 5th ISA Marketing & Sales Summit which was held in Atlanta, Georgia in early September of 2010. We really had very little expectation as to how this might effect  our business and were more then surprised at the impact it had on the viewing figures of this blog. From a lowish figure of about 450 per month it started to climb rapidly to double and then to settle at a figure in excess of 1000 per month. (We discussed this in our “Lies, damn lies or statistics” blog).

So this year we are going to do it again! Let’s see how the stats go!

The 6th ISA Marketing & Sales Summit is scheduled for 7th & 8th September in the Gateway city of St Louis in the heart of the USA. It asks the pertinent question:  Are You Ready for Customer 2.0?

Each year they recruit thought leaders and industry analysts who deliver important and innovative presentations. Attendees can also choose from nine different breakout sessions across three tracks that will cover a variety of sales and marketing topics, which this year will be designed to get them ready for Customer 2.0.

And what is Customer 2.0. The digital revolution is radically changing the way businesses must market themselves and requires new tools and tactics for sales. Customer 2.0 is more mobile, better informed, less reachable, and expects more than ever before.

Jeff Cawley of Northwest Analytical, one of the contributors to the active blog on the event website adds in an article entitled, “Getting the Most Web Performance Information with Process-based Analytics:”

“Our 2011 meeting in St. Louis will focus on reaching Customer 2.0 with Web 2.0.  To succeed in this effort, we must know how Web 2.0 is performing and how we can continuously improve performance.  Even though all effective marketing efforts are part of an on-going process, typical web analytics focus on providing snapshots and provide little actionable time-based information.”

So what do we do? Do we know how our virtual presence is helping our marketing and sales? Is it helping our marketing and sales? Or are we present there because everybody else is? Is that enough?

Learn how to be effective and ready for Customer 2.0. He and she are out there already, but are we?

Be in St Louis on the 7th and 8th of September and learn how to meet them!


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