Automation & electrical workshops for Dublin

IDC Technologies exists “to provide their clients with measurable and significant productivity gains via cutting-edge, practical and state-of-the-art engineering training, books, conferences and e-learning software.” They are running three public workshops over 5 days in Dublin (IRL) in mid November.


Geoff Bottrill

The instructor in the first two workshops is Geoff Bottrill (HNC, DMS, MIEE; Senior Hazardous Areas Engineer)
Geoff has been working in the instrumentation, measurement and control fields for over twenty-five years and has spent the past fifteen years specialising in Hazardous Areas, Intrinsic Safety and Instrumentation Drawings.
Recently Geoff has taken on the responsibility of mentoring engineers in training, in addition to the presentation of engineering workshops in the process control and measurement field. His positive interactive style to teaching has made him popular with workshop attendees worldwide.

Mike O'Rourke

The instructor for the third workshop will be Mike O’Rourke (BEng CEng MIET)
Mike has over 30 years experience as a building services engineer. His career includes Senior Electrical Design Engineer at Liverpool City Architect’s Department, Principal Engineer in Liverpool City Maintenance Department and Principal Building Services Engineer at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is now Technical Director of an Engineering Maintenance company Based in Chelmsford, Essex. He has also worked as an independent consultant, expert witness and trainer for many organisations including the IET.
He presents a practical approach to the subject supported by a thorough theoretical knowledge. An enthusiastic and positive instructor, participants will find his presentations of excellent benefit in their work.

Special Prices
IDC Technologies advise discounts available depending on how many of the courses are booked. “Reserve places on multiple days of training for great savings!”
BOOK for THREE days and save 10%
BOOK for FOUR days and save 15%
BOOK for FIVE days and save 20%

The first of these is Practical Tuning of Industrial Control Loops
Dates: 14th and 15th November

The aim of this workshop is to provide and/or enhance the skills required to tune a controller for optimum operation.

Here participants will learn to
• Tune loops effectively
• Apply open and closed loop tuning rules effectively
• Troubleshoot tuning problems

The second workshop, Practical Troubleshooting and Problem Solving of PLCs and SCADA Systems
Date: 16th November

The objective of this workshop is show how to troubleshoot, and identify, prevent and fix common PLC and SCADA problems.

This workshop will help attendees to
• Quickly interpret, isolate and fix common hardware problems related to PLC input/outputs
• Troubleshoot PLC software (especially ladderlogic)
• Identify typical SCADA problems and fix them
• Safely make changes to a system without overriding machine safety or personnel safety programming
• Make temporary fixes to a program to test out new components or ideas
• Identify and fix electrical noise, earthing and power problems
• Identify and fix PLC/SCADA data communications problems
• Network with your peers on their automation troubleshooting

The final workshop will address Inspection, Testing and Commissioning of Electrical Switchboards, Circuit Breakers, Protective Relays, Cables and PLCs
Date: 17th and 18th November

This workshop will cover the key elements in a practical and project focussed way. Many people assume (wrongly) that inspecting, testing and commissioning is a fairly straightforward process and is simply a rubber stamp confirmation of a so-called outstanding design. Experience in the field demonstrates quite the opposite; where the litany of problems ranges from design and installation errors to equipment manufacturing defects. It is best that these problems are identified and corrected before the inevitable downtime comes in an operational installation where many thousands of Euro are lost in correcting the faults.

Here participants will learn
• The nuts and bolts of electrical inspection, testing and commissioning
• Detailed principles and rules for inspection, testing and commissioning of switchboards, switchgear, cabling and protection relays
• Selection of appropriate type and rating of switchgear and circuit breakers
• The different standards and specifications used for switchgear and circuit breakers
• Asset management of switchgear and protective relays
• Safe maintenance policies including safe working in switch rooms, indoor and outdoor substations.

Early Bird date bookings (on or before 10th October) will receive an additional 5% off the cost of the workshop and these IDC e-book titles:

Practical Hazardous Areas for Engineers and Technicians

Practical Project Management for Engineers and Technicians

Practical Programmable Logic Controller’s (PLCs) for Automation and Process Control

Leading Your Engineering Team to Top Performance


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