PLC & PAC market to grow again! says ARC Advisory

PLC and PLC-based PAC market looks to growth ahead after severe slump

With the manufacturing economy back on track with increasing spending in just about all regions of the world, the global Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) & PLC-based Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) market is expected to grow due to robust investments in the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors worldwide.  Industries have recognized that automation is key to survival in the global economy.  While investments in industrial automation slowed down during the past global recession, that effect was only temporary, as there are crucial factors that continue to drive the use of automation, fueling PLC and PLC-based PAC market growth.

The global manufacturing and infrastructure industries will increase investments in automation.  As a result, the worldwide market for PLCs and PLC-based PACs is expected to grow over the next five years.  “While each sector may not experience solid market growth, the need for modernization of the industrial infrastructure, strength in the hydrocarbons sector, and resuming demand in other industries, such as life sciences and primary metals, will drive the overall market growth in a positive direction in 2011 and beyond,” according to the ARC Advisory Group Senior Analyst Himanshu Shah, the principal author of their reportProgrammable Logic Controller & PLC-based Programmable Automation Controller Worldwide Outlook”. 

Emerging Economies and Increased Infrastructure Investments Will Fuel Market Growth
Overall, moderate levels of PLC and PLC-based PAC market growth has returned again, driven by China, India, other Asian markets, and to a limited extent, Latin America.  The need to modernize industrial infrastructure to compete in the global economy and infrastructure industries will help drive positive overall PLC and PLC-based PAC market growth on a global basis during the next five years.  This globalization is not only expanding business opportunities, but is also intensifying competitive pressures and causing the center of economic gravity to shift to new regions.  Emerging economies will be the growth engines of the future.  Going forward, the overall state of the global economy will continue to grow, partially due to the infrastructure sectors.  Automation remains a key to modernization for the infrastructure industries to increase efficiency and productivity.

Regional Dynamics
The global PLC and PLC-based PAC market grew across all regions of the world in 2010.  The EMEA market showed healthy growth.  Within EMEA, Germany enjoyed good growth in the manufacturing and automation sectors.  The North American market also gained modestly.  With a rebound in the automotive market and a solidifying financial situation, the PLC and PLC-based PAC market growth resumed in the developed economies.

Compared to the developed economies, growth in the emerging markets, particularly in Asia, was greater due to substantial stimulus spending, a stronger financial situation, and a rapid increase in domestic consumer demand for goods and services.  The Asia market, especially outside Japan, is expected to show strong continuing growth in the PLC and PLC-based PAC market over the upcoming five year forecast period.

In addition to the quantitative assessment of the PLC and PLC-based PAC market, this report provides an insightful analysis of the products and strategies of the leading suppliers.  It also explores issues that will impact the market in the future as well as strategies for success recommendations.


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