Automation to assist a low carbon economy!

A great success for the 1st ISA Dist 12 EMEA Forum in Brussels

The forum in session!

The ISA District 12, covering the EMEA zone, organized in Brussels, on 15-16 September, its first international Forum dedicated to “Automation to assist a low carbon economy”.

I’m not sure if this District of the International Societ of Automation (ISA) had ever organised such an event as a District. (An ISA District is a geographic area comprising several sections or chapters of the society, and District 12 covers Europe, the Middle East & Africa – EMEA). This event which was organised by these volunteers was a tribute to the co-operation of these automation professionals and had a suitable international attendance. Hopefully it will be the start of a regular event, perhaps every two or three years.

During two days, a panel of twenty eminent specialists coming from Belgium, France, Ireland, Britain, Germany, Canada, USA, highlighted the pivotal role that Automation and process control play in the implementation of all the technologies which are required for containing the CO2 emissions within acceptable limits.

Among the subjects which were addressed, were the following :

Emerson's Travis Hesketh addresses the 1st ISA EMEA Forum

–        Power generation and fleet management

–        Integration of renewable forms of energy

–        Power transmission  and grid management optimization

–        Coordination between transmission systems operation

–        Demand side management

–        Energy efficiency in the manufacturing industry and the process industries

–        Electrical motors efficiency

–        Home automation

The necessity of adopting a holistic approach was underlined by most speakers. Jean-Pierre Hauet, ISA District 12 VP, also expanded in his key note address on the necessity of correctly addressing cyber-security threats as soon as automated solutions are implemented. He put the stress on the comprehensive approach provided by the ISA-99 cyber-security standard.

More Pictures!

One of the conclusions of the forum, was that the ISA has a significant role to play in all these areas, disseminating knowledge and promoting new technologies and also proposing new standards, notably dealing with interoperability of decentralized sources of energy and with energy use efficiency. The forum also underlined the opportunity to reinforce the links between industry and university after having heard talks given by professors at the University College West Flanders and at the University College of Ghent.

This forum was organized with the support of AGORIA in Belgium and of Gimelec in France and with the sponsorship of Emerson, Alstom, Endress + Hauser, Siemens and Schneider-Electric.

Program can be downloaded here. A CD-Rom regrouping all the presentations will be available shortly.

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