An iStar is born! Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

What can one say?

Nothing I can say! Nothing I can type on this MacBook can explain!

I awoke early this morning, around 4.00am, and turned on the BBC World Service to hear the words “Steve Jobs is dead!” I was just sad I think. Not struck dumb, shocked, devastated or inconsolable, just sad. I felt I had to tweet a prayer – which I did then and there. “Ar dheis Dé go raibh Steve Jobs. RIP” (May Steve Jobs be at the right hand of God, RIP)

I didn’t know the man, but I know people who did and one tweeted me shortly afterwards, “My hero has died – up listening to the news!” This was the guy who introduced me to the Mac and indeed to Apple, in the late eighties. Another friend who had met him in the early days of Apple tweeted “God bless you on your new journey, Steve!”

There is a new bright star up there in the heavens! Is it disrespectful to call it an iStar?

Like so many our lives would not be what they are if the two Steves hadn’t dreamed and acted. Countless millions are waking up this morning, texting, tweeting, blogging, listening because of his imagination. Yes we are grateful and full of wonder too at what he has accomplished.

I wrote a short piece in my personal (and non-work) blog – Deireadh ré ríomhaireachta (The end of a computing era!). This expressed some sadness that he felt that he had to retire at such a young age but in translation I concluded, “Though he is a reasonably young man to retire for health reasons it is bad news for us as well. I hope that he has a long and fruitful life in the years ahead!” Sadly that was not to be.

May his family and many friends and colleagues be comforted. May those who countless millions who respected and admired him and those who didn’t know who he was, continue to benefit from his vision and imagination.

If I may finish with a quote from Seth’s blog: “Steve devoted his professional life to giving us (you, me and a billion other people) the most powerful device ever available to an ordinary person. Everything in our world is different because of the device you’re reading this on!

What are we going to do with it?”

May he rest in peace!


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