#EMReu: Smart energy initiative sprouts in Brussels

Annual event keeps European journalist up to speed on Emerson Process Management initiatives.

We first were introduced to the concept of Conquering Complexity at the annual Emerson European Press event in in the town of Rijswijk in the Netherlands in 2009. To put it rather simply it was a philosophy aimed at eliminating problems like the spaghetti mess of cables associated too many times with complex control systems. Progress in this conquest was further chronicled at  last years event in the German capital, Berlin. This immediately preceeded the incredible cold snap which invaded Europe over the Christmas.

This years event was in the capital of Belgium and of the European Union, the home of luscious chocolate, the delectable waffle and the Agatha Christie’s pompous Hercule Poirot! Mais oui!

This time the concentration was on their Smart Energy Initiative.

But I’m getting ahead of myself!

The day started with a presentation from European President Bob Sharpgiving us a business up-date of the company. It was interesting to see that overall orders in Europe after a severe drop in 2010 from US$1.5b down to US$1.4b is making up the difference during this year up to over $1.6b. The Global figures also are healthy looking too. He described the extensive sales and service network of Emerson stretching from Cork (IRL) in the west to the eastern extremities of the Russian Federation at Sakhalin!

From Cork to Sakhalin!

Emrex for Europe

EMRex comes to Europe!

Perhaps in recognition of their permeation throughout Europe he announced the first meeting of the Emerson Global Users Exchange (#EMRex), which up to now has been confined to the US. (See our report on the last one held in Nashville in October, Country tweets from Nashville,  to get a flavour!). This is scheduled for the German city of Duesseldorf 29/30 May 2012. However they are quick to point out that this event is “for Users By Users.” EMRex operates through presentations and workshops developed and delivered by customers rather than a sales or marketing excercise. It is administered by a board of directors, consisting of end users, which shapes the conference content and guides the direction of the users group. It will be interesting to see how this format will translate to Europe. Paper calls have been issued and details may be found on the Emerson Exchange website.

Complex simplicity
The irrepressible Travis Hesketh, VP Marketing, Emerson Process Management, Europe, went over the philosophy behind the concept of conquering complexity in his presentation, Technology that Solves Problems. It is aimed at confronting the problem of more and more tecnical complexity being ioperated and managed by personnel with less experience. Emerson have developed the concept of Human Centred Desing in automation which aims not only to make products easier to use but to make customers’ jobs easier to do. He demonstrated this by showing how  electronic marshalling technology is now availablefor cost-saving, flexible automation in hazardous locations.

The Ancien Régime! How we were!

The new order! Where are the cables?

Travis also made a presentation on Emerson’s achieving of industrial wireless market milestones based on WirelessHART (IEC 62591).

Energy is an important issue especially in Europe. This is due not only because of costs but also from the environmental standpoint, that of climate change and other issues such as the nuclear generating issues raised by the Fukushima nuclear accident. Energy costs have skyrocketed to become the largest source of costs according to ARC Advisory. A plethery of directives have been issued by the European Commission as well. But despite all this the EU is way off track and at current rates will well overshoot its target, energy savings 20%, for 2020. Emerson’s response is their Smart Energy Initiative. The initiative is also helped by their Conquering Complexity philosophy developed as previously said over the past number of years. The Smart Energy Initiative may be condensed into three basic headings: Lower cost of energy; reduced emissions and improved reliability.

They have appointed Chip Rennie to be Director of Global Industrial Energy, Industrial Energy Solutions Group. Chip has a wealth of knowledge and experience that comes from having worked on dozens of boiler and equipment processes and from continually driving to improve control techniques by applying the latest proven technology. He supplies both overall technical direction and specific project management for the team. He travels extensively providing consulting at client sites and ensuring that individual project goals are met.

Sam Thiara, Marketing & Sales Manager, Global Industrial Energy Solutions with Emerson gave some examples from powers and utility area applications. His example was the huge Port Talbot (Wales) facility of Tata Steel. They aim to become self sufficient in energy on the site to comply with EU 20/20/20 imperative. Emerso are working hand in glove perfecting and refining the operation.

It is of course nigh on impossible to condense what was a very busy day and we have included links to some of the release issued to coincide with the event. Some of these have links to further information. Emerson have a full range of presentations in their Video Library.

Releases issued during the Brussels event

Industrial wireless milestones across the world!
Emerson Process Management surpasses 500 million hours of wireless operation across 6,100 networks as industrial wireless moves from extreme to mainstream Emerson Process Management has achieved significant milestones in driving the adoption of wireless technologies in refineries, chemical plants, and … Continue reading →
Wireless acoustic transmitter
Rosemount® 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitter provides instant and constant visibility to critical steam traps and pressure relief valves through a wireless monitoring system The Rosemount® 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitter was introduced at Emerson’s European Press Conference in Brussels (B) in … Continue reading →
•  Emerson CHARMS intrinsically safely!
Electronic Marshalling technology now available for cost-saving, flexible automation in hazardous locations Building on its innovative Electronic Marshalling and single-channel characterisation module (CHARM) technology, Emerson Process Management announced its latest offering, intrinsically safe (IS) CHARMs. Electronic Marshalling with CHARMs is … Continue reading →
Upgraded boiler controls enable greater use of waste fuels in Welsh steel facility
Emerson helps Tata Steel improve safety, emissions, and energy self-sufficiency Tata Steel’s Port Talbot facility in Wales has upgraded control of its largest steam boiler using energy management technologies and services from Emerson Process Management. The new controls enable Tata … Continue reading →
Smart energy initiative to help optimising industrial energy production and use
New Industrial Energy Group and “True Energy” technology to address €1.45 billion global imperative The “Smart Energy Initiative”, a global programme designed to combine its unmatched industrial energy expertise with advanced energy management technologies was announced at their press event … Continue reading →

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