Irish automation achievers honoured

Standing from left:Mark Casey, Pietro Zucca, Romania Dirimanova, Jennifer Gaughran, Pat Boner, Seated, ISA Ireland President John Downey, Deputy Lord Mayor of Cork, Tony Fitzgerald and Brian Curtis, Acting Chair of H&A Committee. (Pics: Creative Photography, Cork)

The Ireland Section of the International Automation Society honours annually the high achievers in the study, training and research areas in the country. This annual event has been held in recent years in the Senior Staff Common room of the historic University College in Cork (UCC).

Tower at UCC

This university founded over 150 years ago has many important achievements and in the world of mathamatics physics and science. Indeed  the first professor of mathematics of the colege was George Boole. The library, underground lecture theatre complex and the Boole Centre for Research in Informatics in the university are named in his honour. (Users of the internert will be familiar with the term “Boolian search” also named after this extraordinary polymath and devised from his theories and ideas!).

Tyndall National Institute, part of the college named for John Tyndall, the Carlow born scientist, is one of Europe’s leading research centres, specialising in ICT hardware research, commercialisation of technology and the education of next generation researchers. Tyndall has a critical mass of over 420 researchers, engineers, students and support staff focused on quality research and the use of this technology through industry collaboration. The institute’s research expertise spans a range of technologies from atoms to systems in the areas of photonics, microsystems and micro-nanoelectronics and addresses key challenges in the areas of Communications, Energy, Health and the Environment.

It is in this extraordinary centre of learning that the presentations of these awards were made by the deputy Lord Mayor of Cork Mr Tony Fitzgerald.

The awards are as follows:

The Degree Award is awarded to the best final year Degree student specializing in any area of instrumentation and Control. This was awarded to Mark Casey who had just completed the B.Sc in Applied Physics & Instrumentation at the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) with distinction.

André Michel with Award

Honours Degree
The Honours Degree Award is awarded, on the nomination to the best fourth-year Honours Degree student studying Instrumentation-Applied Physics in Ireland. The award comprises a medallion and a bursary of €750 which is to be used to assist postgraduate studies. Here Jennifer Gaughran of the School of Physical Sciences in Dublin City University achieved a B.Sc in Physics with Astronomy.

The next awardee for the Post Graduate Award also had an astronomical link. This is Criteria:
To be awarded, to the best Post Graduate student awarded Phd/Bsc in Instrumentation-Applied Physics in Ireland and was to Pietro Zucca, from Trinity College, University of Dublin,  for his work in understanding the effect of the Sun on telecommunications systems in Ireland and further afield.

Technology Achievement
The Technology Achievement Award recognises a new invention or application, significant achievement in contributing to instrumentation, automation, measurement and control technology within Ireland. This year it was awarded to Romania Dirimanova for the development of an automation system to interface with 25 year old technology giving the benefits of current day technology to the existing Code Signaling System across Ireland’s railway system.

Instrument Pioneer
One of the more interesting awards given each year is the Instrument Pioneer Award given in recognition of a “lifetime devoted to instrumentation and control in Ireland.” This year the award was presented to  Pat Boner of PJ Boner and Company. He is one of the founding members of the Ireland section.

Society Award
An unusual addition to this years ceremony was the awarding of a Society award, the Emerging Leader Award, which because of the reassignment of the Awardee to duties in Ireland he was unable to accept at the society event in October.  Canadian, André Michel, was the recipient and this recognised his  accomplishments and responsibilities which have contributed significantly to the Society and its organizational units despite been less than ten years a member.

The Awardees' medals.

Further details of all ISA Ireland Awards and Awardees for 2011

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