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At the research institute for bioprocessing, NIBRT, specialists expand their understanding of this field – using pilot plant from Endress+Hauser. This partnership is a win-win situation for both sides.

National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training HQ in Co Dublin, Ireland.

The impressive façade of the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) in Dublin reflects the institute’s objective of being in the top league for bioprocessing research. Opened just one year ago, the visitor is greeted by a striking entrance hall with columns supporting the roof, the dimensions of which are reminiscent of a modern art museum. But it is a very special form of art that is studied here: any conceivable scenario of bioengineering production and cleaning processes can be played out on a wide selection of simulation facilities –the perfect test laboratory for the experts of tomorrow.

Thanks to partnerships with global players from industry, NIBRT is recognised as the centre of competence that sets international standards. “This enables us to have the most cutting edge technology, allowing trainees to experiment on state of the art equipment”, explains Killian O´Driscoll, Director of Projects. The companies contribute their know-how, and in turn profit from the training facilities of this centre of excellence.  In the training unit, biopharmaceutical production can be simulated, starting from measurements right through to certification or calibration, with the option to vary any multitude of parameters.

Endress+Hauser has been on board right from the outset. “For the benefit of both organisations, a strong relationship with mutual respect and trust has quickly emerged” says Christophe Roche, General Manager of Endress+Hauser Ireland. Although only one training unit was foreseen initially, the collaboration has developed so well that in the end a complete simulation rig for biotechnological process automation was supplied. Further test rigs at the institute were equipped with measurement and automation systems. “Endress+Hauser Ireland is pleased to continue the support with local maintenance.”

The rig was developed by specialists from the Application Training Center in Reinach, who also delivered the first training course. “We are delighted that Endress+Hauser, with their wealth of know-how has selected us as a partner” says O’Driscoll.

The participants of the training courses are often employed at companies and bring a whole host of specialist knowledge with them. Nevertheless, this is where mistakes can be made in order to learn from them. “Customers do not always know what they want, but they send us technicians to be trained and since this training could be tailor-made, we could develop a program adapted to those topics as well”, explains Plant Manager Michael Lacey.

The NIBRT in Dublin was established by the Irish Government in conjunction with the four major universities of Dublin. It marks the pinnacle of far-sighted planning which can trace its origins back to the 1960s, when the first step were taken to open up the predominantly agricultural Irish economy to new branches of industry. Attracted by the good business environment, international companies from the pharmaceutical industry set up around Cork in particular. Today the Irish Life Sciences industry, with 170 companies and a 50 per cent share of Irish exports, is the most important industrial sector in the country. And investment continues to grow.


George H Endress (1924-2008)

The project also brings benefits for Endress+Hauser, too. Not only because our employees can be trained here but also the fact that the key clients and partners of NIBRT become familiar with equipment from Endress+Hauser and learn to value its quality – and later, in the best-case scenario, do not want to forgo this experience.

Thus Endress+Hauser in Ireland is a player in the top league of biopharmaceutical research, continuing the spirit of partnership with universities and educational institutes initiated by their late founder George H. Endress. The concept of increasing knowledge by working in partnership with institutes and universities continues to bear fruit–in Ireland, too, at the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training, NIBRT.

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