Siemens joins the blogosphere!

Joining other companies such as Emerson, Invensys and others, though possibly not as automation focussed, Siemens Industry Sector is now offering an intriguing insight into the work of the industry supplier and related areas of interest in its newly launched blog. Employees from all the Siemens Industry Divisions are using this newly created Internet forum to provide an up-todate look at the topics and products they are involved in, or to report on trade fairs and other events.

Sporting the title “Competitive Industries”, the Siemens Industry Sector now is present on the Siemens AG blog platform. The published articles focus both on overriding topics such as energy efficiency or industrial communication as well as more specific aspects of the Industry Sector’s work. For instance colleagues from the Human Resources Division talk about ways to ensure a successful entry for newcomers to the Siemens world. The product and technology experts also have a chance to explain the background and detailed aspects of the latest Siemens solutions for industry. The blog also offers a platform to glimpse into the private sphere of Siemens colleagues from 192 countries around the globe who are at home in widely differing cultures.

Particularly around the major trade fairs and industry events like the annual Hanover Fair, the blog entries keep visitors and potential customers up to speed with what is happening on and around the Siemens booth.

The joint Siemens Industry blog combines topics and issues relating to the Industry Automation, Drive Technologies and Customer Services Divisions as well as the Metals Technologies Business Unit. Readers have the opportunity to add their comments and post questions on the featured articles, and the editorial team does its best to provide a fast and competent response to all enquiries.

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