Floreat Jim Pinto!

Many readers of Read-out, and followers the Read-out Instrumentation Signpost and our assorted blogs look forward to Jim Pinto’s insights as narrated in his newsletter, Connections for Growth & Success™, which is published now at varyingly regular or irregular times. The September issue has just hit our mailbox and is as usual filled with interesting and thought provoking insights.

For many years he hosted what were called Automation Company Weblogs, originally intended as an aid to the improvement to the running these companies by showing what people thought should be done. The companies themselves rarely appreciated the good intentions behind these writtings and observations which, I think, meant that these descended into a collection of gripes, real and imagined, into the activities and/or idiosyncracies of these enterprises.

He comments: “Many regular JimPinto.com website visitors will have noticed that, after 10 years, I stopped the automation company weblogs. The consistent negativity was getting me down, and I’m happy I stopped. Some cynics actually wondered if I’d been “bought off”, while most others wrote with positive support and understanding. I must tell you, I did consider giving up on eNews. But, I’m a writer. As my friend Jack Grenard said, “a writer cannot not write”. So, I’ve decided to continue to write the “irregular and irreverent” JimPinto.com eNews. But, the tone and flavor will change. It won’t focus much on automation business commentary. So, those who’ve signed up for automation company news may not wish to stay on the list. For those, please send me a simple email with “Remove from eNews” in the subject line or text.”

However we need not fear that he is, like all good rugby players, in any danger of fading away. In fact I think he is more active than he ever was in his eventful life in automation! And again to streach my rugby analogy still ready for a set scrummage any time! “I’ll continue to write my monthly column for Automation World – I’ve been doing that for about 10 years now and I’ve witnessed the magazine’s emergence to US leadership in the automation business. Founder and editorial director Gary Mintchell feeds me with ideas and I enjoy his regular demands to come up with original, challenging editorial. Your regular feedback is gratifying  – thank you! Being a Technology Futurist remains my primary avocation, so you’ll read more of my prognostications. In addition, I’ll include commentary on societal trends (I’ll avoid politics) and global economic shifts (related to futures). And anything else I can sniff out; wherever my nose leads. In addition to my writing, I do an occasional consulting gig with people or companies I like. Plus my regular speaking engagements which often generate enjoyable world travel. Hey! If your company needs an entertaining and motivating speaker for your sales meeting or industry gathering, please get in touch.”

I have heard him speak and what he says in no idle boast, he is interesting, entertaining and above all challenging. Book him and tell him Read-out told you to.

And our message to Jim Pinto is simple, “Floreat!”

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