Anaheim prepares for automation event!

Emerson Global Users Exchange 2012 October 8-12, 2012 – Hilton Anaheim, Anaheim, California, USA.

Anaheim Convention Centre waiting for Emerson Exchange 2012 (Pic tweeted by Mike Boudreaux)

This week sees the American Emerson Exchange being held in Anaheim, California USA, which is where Walt Disney opened his first Disneyland Recreantinal Park. I suppose it is a strange coincidence that ISA’s Automation Week (see Not a Mickey Mouse Event) was also held at a Disney desitnation on the other side of United States in Orlando.

Susan Colwell will be on the Book Stand!

Books for sale!
One thing both have in common is the ISA Book Store manned, as in Orlando, by Susan Colwell. Make sure to drop by the store and tell her that the Read-out Signpost sent you. Many of the books such as the newly published Advanced Control Foundation by Emerson’s own Terrence Blevins, Willy K. Wojsznis and Mark Nixon, and for those who don’t quite know how to use this new tool called Social Media then Jon DiPietro’s Social Media for Engineers and Scientists is a real Godsend.

We attended our first Emerson Exchange in person last May but we have been reporting on Emerson Exchange, getting the presentations over the internet, and the flavour of the events since 2009 via twitter. You too can follow this event by following  the #EMRex hashtag where one can capture the excitement of the event as it happens.

Our reports on past Emerson Global User Exchanges & other user events
Automation returns to Duesseldorf Emerson Exchange comes to Europe (June 2012)

Country tweets from #EMrex in Opryland Emerson Exchange from Nashville (November 2011)

So much information, so much going on, too little time! San Antonio (October 2010)

#EMrex tweets rule! Houston (October 2009)

A precursor of Emerson Exchange was their Manufacturing Automation Conferences in Britain (3) and Ireland (1) in the years 2002 to 2004.

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