#EMRex Good ending to a great week – virtually speaking!

Mickey Mouse continues to get a good name!

“Last day at #EMRex. Good ending to a great week.”  So tweeted Chris Amstutz of Emerson Life Sciences. And as somebody  who tried to follow the happenings in California’s Walt Disney town Anaheim, of the America’s Emerson Global Users Exchange I can vouch for the fact that this event, like the ISA’s Automation Week of last month, also qualified as NOT a Mickey Mouse affair.  His tweet “3063 attendees – new record!” certainly proclaims that fact loudly and clearly

Download this 19-page post-evnt PDF report that provides in-depth coverage of Emerson’s recently held Global Users Exchange in Anaheim, CA USA.

As we said in our earlier post, Ananheim Prepares…, we have attended this event virtually since 2009 in Houston. The 2009 event was in fact the first  that we felt able to comment on without actually being there because of the quantity  and quality of the tweets which eminated from it.  As we said “Read-out, though not there in the flesh,  felt very much there. Why was this? In a word, or rather two words “Social Media,“”

This time we had the added experience of actually attending the Emerson Global Users Exchange  earlier in the year when it was held in Duesseldorf. This event, described by us in Automation returns to Duesseldorf,” gave us some idea of the sensory experience of what is now almost universally known as #EMrex.

Logos everywhere!
So what was Anaheim like? “Emerson has taken over Hilton Anaheim… Logos everywhere.” And another tweet: “So many very good offerings here at #EMRex going to be tough to decide what to attend….” And so it is with this reporter. Hundreds of tweets later we can see some of the riches in new products and applications. Remember this is a User conference, albeit heavily supported by Emerson, and some other vendors, and, as in the Europen event, it is heavy with applications and experiences, though these tend not to be as well represented in tweets as the new products and services provided by the principal. Also as in our European experience, a lot of the value in these events is not found in the public forums but in the private one-to-one encounters in the corridors, on the exhibitor floor or (perish the thought) at the bar! “How did you this? What did you find? What experience did you have using this system? Do you think this might work in our situation? etc etc.”

The daily e-report on happenings was another resource which dropped into our mail box every morning (see box of links below!)

Panoramic view of hall filling up for opening addresses. (Pic: Jim Cahill)

The event was opened by Emerson Project Management leader Steve Sonnenberg giving an overview, “Automation technology is enabler, not end game. End game is to solve problems!” said one tweet and “We generally get high marks for products and people, but need to do better in other areas such as on time delivery,” quickly followed by : “We want to stop selling and start solving”.  He pointed out that Emerson had hired  7000+ employees in the last two years and the company has now 0ver 37,000 employees around the world. “We are building the most robust supply chain in the industry ,” he is quoted as saying. And how’s this for an interesting statement: “America is Emerson Process Management’s largest growth area: “our new emerging market.””

The big reveal
No Emerson Exchange has happened until Peter Zornio  (left) makes his presentation. And the 2012 #EMrex was no exception!  He presented us with what is perhaps the image of the week when he advised #EMRex attendees to “don their propeller beanies” for the new technology deep dive! (Your humble correspondent continued his induction in American culture as he had to look up “propeller beanies” in order to complete the unforgettable image that this request suggested!)

Shake you head ang get rid of the image as Zornio gives “The big reveal! Going to be an exciting year. DeltaV SIS V12! New Safety Logic Solver with SIS CHARMS!” I guess it’s a continuation of their CHARM offensive!  The tweets continue: “World’s first wireless on/off control valve can turn manual valve into an automated one monitored by WirelessHART.” and in passing he gives a statistic: “Emerson Smart Wireless reaches 1 billion hours. Smart Wireless applications cross one billion instrument-hours of operation.” These and other new developments are covered in the releases issue to co-incide with the event.

One of the tweets mentioned a phrase I wasn’t familiar with (Probably had heard of it but I can’t remember everything) and quick as a flash (warptime?) Jim Cahill, who else, came back with a reference he’d posted in 2008!  This shows the immediacy of  social media, me in fairly remote Conamara on the western coast of Europe get an almost instantaneous response from the west coast of the Americas. Thanks Jim.

Authors: Blevins, Wojsznis & Nixon

Books for sale!
Suddenly this from ISA’s Susan Colwell, “ISA Bookstore has been hopping since early a.m! See new titles on display!” and this before the exhibition area was opened. Apparently this was the case during the whole  week. There were many books on offer from their range including some newly published texts from Emerson or Emerson associated authors like Terry Blevins, Mark Nixon and Willy K. Wojsznis (see tweeted pic) whose work, Control Loop Foundation – tools, trechnologies and applications, was released a few weeks ago at Automation Week. Last year these authors we’re award winners of ISA Publications Award for best selling book of 2010 with their previous book, Control Loop Foundation—Batch and Continuous Processes. (A more recent tweet from Automation World’s Gary Mintchell, shows his own autographed copy!)

Previous Exchanges

Emerson Exchange 365

Day 1    Day 2
Day 3    Day 4   Day 5

Emerson Releases
Emerson releases DeltaV Version 12 process automation system

Global support service initiative

Mobile Worker

Smart Wireless applications cross one billion instrument-hours of operation!

Major expansion of Project Services.

Also keep track of Jim Cahill’s Emerson Experts Blog.

Pictures from #EMrex

Other Reports

Highlights from #Emrex (Arc Advisory>)

Emerson: Partnering Key to Success (Greg Hale, ISSSource)

Gary Mintchel’s Blog
Day 1 Day 2

Business is booming (Matt Migliore, Flow Control)

Many and varied!
And so the tweets went on, many and varied: “Emerson Exchange is like a toy box for control Geeks and wanna be’s.”

“Access to specific knowledge and  contacts are best assets of exchange.”

Expanding your professional network with other experts builds your personal expertise brand.

Customer comment: “That’s the sexiest product on the floor this week!” 

Phone and email are transient. We lose this knowledge. By making things public, we create resources for others to find answers.

The first thing companies do with new technology is ban it.

Having one set of controls for both plants reduced control system hardware costs by 10%. Chad Sewell, Areva Resources Canada.

And this perspicatious remark, “Young people are more committed to their craft than to their job!” and “‘When you give people more operating power at home, they want the same thing at work. We have to grow with the times.’ – Steve Elwart”

Rosemount Tank Gauging radar level gauges protecting Manhattan from oil spill. User C Royston best presenter says lady in audience.Rob Bishop from Eastman, telling the benefits and reliability of wireless. Global users best presentation!

Blog Post: Vibration Energy Harvesting-Perpetual Power for Emerson Wireless

“Standing room only today at “An Introduction to SIS…” interest in this topic seems to be on the rise. “

Are the rooms small or the crowds large? Packed sessions w/ lots of interest, glad I got in early for prime seats! 

Don’t miss this workshop! “Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Best Practices – Who, What, Where…” Thurs. 2:15pm, #6C-2235 Hilton Mezz. 14

“Never let it be said that #EMRex didn’t provide tasty snacks! Lemon cake dessert is delicious!”

“Make sure to check out the #EMRex photos on the Emerson Facebook page.”

And lots lots more. This is just a limited selection of the miriad of tweets send during the week. I hope this helps to give a flavour of the wealth of information some serious, some trivial and some frustrating to this particulat sweet tooth (What I wouldn’t give for a taste of that Lemon Cake!).

“It’s a wrap… Thanks all! We’ll see you next year in Dallas Sept 30-Oct 4 at the Gaylord Texan.  Safe travels!”

Anwhile in Anaheim, before the conclusion of #EMrex there was the visit to Disney Land. Mike Boudreaux produced the picture of the event below.

Hmm! Maybe it was a Mickey Mouse affair after all!

The End!

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