#SPS12 Now that’s a show!

SPS/IPC/Drives is perhaps the automation exhibition of the year since Interkama was swallowed up by the even larger though more general engineering show of Hannover Meße in the Spring.

IE Book's impressions from hall 9 (using the cool panorama feature of the iPhone camera)

IE Book’s impressions from hall 9 (using the cool panorama feature of the iPhone)

This year’s event was no disappointment as 56,000 visitors thronged twelve halls exhibiting the goods and services of nearly 1500 enterprises. As we have come to expect of German exhibitions this was a truly international affair with around 400 of the exhibitors and 20% of the visitors were from outside the Federal Republic of Germany.

Tweets eminating from the Nuremberg site were a multilingual selection demonstrating this cultural cross fertilisation. Using the #SPS12 we had excited texts in European and Asian languages some which we could follow and others left us in the dark due to our ignorance rather than what was actually said. Here are some gems we gleaned from the hundreds coming thick and fast from the show floor.

Other Reports

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SPS Releases received at Read-out!

ASM’s Saudi tweeter said “Don’t mess #sps12 the biggest Industrial Automation Show in Europe – #ASM is there…”  Sick Deutschland had us puzzled at first with “Twittering sensors at sps ipc drives!…” Among the most prolific tweeters was Leo Ploner of IE Book tweeting useful ideas and pictures throughout including  a useful tweet on where visitors could go after the show! His picture, reproduced above with a panoramic view of one of the halls was one of the best of this show giving a fair impression of the atmosphere there! We include a link to his report on the event in the box at the right.

In inevitably a lot of the tweets were of the style “Will you be at SPS IPC Drives this week? We will! Come and say hello at stand Nr….” This showed how twitter is being used and the excitement it can generate  “Olaf ist begeistert von der Twitterwall auf #SPS12 bei @SICK_de. ” (Olaf is enthused by the twitterwall). And this from SPS Italia, “SPS IPC Drives Italia team in arrivo a Norimberga pronto per#SPS12. Ci trovi al pad…” (SPS/IPC/Drives Italia hold their own show in Parma next May) “Wir wünschen allen Besuchern und Ausstellern eine spannende und erfolgreiche Messe!” and the like greeting in English, “A warm welcome at our booth to this year’s #sps12 in Nuremberg: We’re looking forward to seeing you!” “¡Buenos días desde la #sps12! Todas las soluciones para la producción y el desarrollo de producto en nuestro stand,” “The world of automation and robotics is gathering in Germany these days at #sps12.”

One tweet gave a breakdown on tweets and their impact on the first day: “Analytics for sps exhibition hashtag #sps12: 33,306 impressions reaching 16,329 accounts  at the rate of 50 tweets per hour.”

"#Eaton gets ready for a busy first day at #SPS/IPC/Drives 2012 Come & visit us!"

“Eaton gets ready for a busy first day!”

Some like Siemens wrote blogs on their various offerings at #SPS12. Others like Sick Deutschland published theirs on Pinterest.

Then there were those who offered prizes like the ubiquitous iPad, the Samsung Tablet “a guided tour of the European Space Centre” (from DellOEM) or smartphones! Mem invited “Come by for your bier koozie!” we’re not quite sure what a ‘bier koozie’ is but we imagine that it is pleasurable!

Busy ProfiNet stand!

Busy ProfiNet stand!

The final day at the event saw a snowfall. “I hear it’s a snowy morning at #SPS12. Warm up with a fresh cup of coffee atDELLOem stand!” “hallo (sic) Winter!”

All in all it appears to have been a very successful exhibition. The exhibitiuon organisers stated as the show closed “The atmosphere in the exhibition halls was dominated by a distinctive working atmosphere and intensive talks on the exhibitions booths. For the further economic development in 2013, the automation industry takes positive impulses from the exhibition.” This is scheduled for 26-28 November 2013. They have also published a series various exhibits on videos  youTube.


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