Instruments to strike up in Music City USA!

Attendee registration for ISA Automation Week 2013—the premier annual event for automation and control professionals worldwide is now open.


Leading automation and control experts, authors, innovators and thought leaders across the globe will come together at the event to demonstrate how to fully leverage the power and potential of automation solutions. Attendees will learn that decisions in one organizational area can have significant, sometimes adverse, effects in others, and that the key is addressing core operational needs—safety, people, business and technology—in a more proactive, farsighted and integrated manner. See our report on last years event in Orlando (FL USA) – Not a Mickey Mouse affair.

ISA Automation Week will be conducted 5-7 November 2013 in energetic and exciting Nashville (TN USA), also known as Music City USA!  Registration by 20 August 2013, will save $150 (say €120,00) off the full-price registration fee. Register Here!

ISA Automation Week Partners
ARC Advisory Group, the leading technology research and advisory firm for industry and infrastructure.
Beamex, a technology and service company that develops, manufactures and markets high-quality calibration equipment, software, systems and services for the calibration and maintenance of process instruments.
Cooper Bussmann Wireless, the manufacturer of North American- and European-styled fuses, and the producer of inductors and transformers for power quality in electronic applications and wireless solutions.
ExperTune, the designer of pre-packaged industrial software for the process industries worldwide.
Falcon Electric, a leading manufacturer of award-winning power protection and conversion solutions.
GE Energy Management, the designer of technology solutions for the transmission, distribution, management, conversion and optimization of electrical power across multiple energy-intensive industries.
MAVERICK Technologies (also an ISA Strategic Partner), a global leader in industrial automation, enterprise integration and sustaining services for clients across a wide range of manufacturing and process industries.
OSIsoft (also an ISA Corporate Partner), the leader in real-time data and events infrastructure through the PI System, a streaming data and event management software product for use in manufacturing, energy, utilities, life sciences, data centers, facilities and the process industries.

A new Attendee Networking Hub
Attendees and vendor companies will connect with conference attendees in ISA Automation Week’s new Attendee Networking Hub.
Dedicated space at the Nashville Convention Center will be provided for solutions providers to allow for direct and interactive contact with attendees. This gathering space – known as the Attendee Networking Hub – is ideally situated adjacent to the conference session rooms. The Attendee Networking Hub will be the focal point for workshops, presentations and solutions demonstrations as ISA Partners and suppliers make their technical experts, resources, solutions and product information available to conference attendees.
In addition, the Hub will be open for evening receptions, entertainment, and conference breaks.

Keep an eye on theCorporate Partners
ISA Automation Week’s Corporate Partners (see box on right!) are committed to helping attendees get the most out of their conference experience, and introducing to them new and innovative marketplace solutions.

These companies represent a group of select companies who serve the automation and control marketplace. Their partnership agreements with ISA provide them with the opportunities to offer their technical resources and expertise to conference attendees, and to demonstrate product applications and unique automation solutions.

ISA’s Corporate Partnerships Program offers companies customized packages, combining ISA products and services with marketing opportunities across all channels, and providing a streamlined approach to corporate sponsorship. ISA’s program features three main levels of sponsorship: ISA Strategic Partners, ISA Corporate Partners, and ISA Automation Week Partners. The program, in its fourth year, is limited to a select group of companies at each level to maintain the highest level of visibility for each partner.

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