Two social media pioneers in Automation ask “Why?” and “How!”


There are many treasures hidden on the internet and sometimes we miss them. These are two interesting videos that I came across during the week which obviously I missed when they were first published. I thought that I would share them with you.

First stirrings
Many times during our time blogging here we have quoted or referred to various people who have great experience in this media. One, Jon diPietro of DomesticatingIT,  I first came across at an ISA leadership meeting and he was the first person I heard who recognised what I had myself had felt in my gut but didn’t quite know how to express it. This was the fact that this thing we call social media is a paradigm shift.  Indeed it is as revolutionary a shift as Gutenberg’s printing press in the fifteenth century. He introduced me to some of Seth Godin works and one sentence, one quote,  in one of his works (Meatball Sundae) possibly encapsulates what is happening.

“….we don’t have to just change our website – we are going to have to change everything about our organisation. our mission, our structure, our decision making…”

Living the dream!
The second person is perhaps an exponent of what is happening. He is Jim Cahill of Emerson Process Experts. He decided to use this “new” technology in the service of his company. I think it is fair to say that, initially, his innovative methods were tolerated by his employer but gradually the importance and influence of his contribution came to be recognised. In effect he is living the dream, using this new medium in a practical way.

Now look and listen!
These are two videos – they are a year old  and were given at the ARCForum in 2012. They last about 30 minutes in toto. They are recordings of presentations made at ARC’s 2012 World Industry Forum, an annual event held in the United States usually in February of each year.

The first is Jim Cahill on Social Media and Callaboration – Start with “Why?” (11.15 mins)

The second is Jon DiPietro showing us “How not to fail at Social Media.” (21.22 mins)