Major show in the heart of Europe

Picture from The Industrial Ethernet Book

Wading through SPS/IDC/Drives 2009

Entrance to show

The biggest city of the ancient tutonic dukedom of Franconia, Nueremburg, is the site of one of the largest automation exhibitions in the world – SPS/IPC/DRIVES
In the English speaking world an electric automation show that presented 1,237 exhibitors to 48,595 vistors sounds like an impossible dream.
These exhibitors – manufacturers of electric automation technology – presented products and services from the following sectors: Control Technology; IPCs; Drive Systems and Components; Human-Machine-Interface Devices; Industrial Communication; Sensor Technology; Industrial Software; Interface Technology; Electromechanical Components and Peripheral Equipment.

Apparently impervious to the ills that other shows like Interkama – now subsumed and swamped in three sections of the Hannover Fair called Industrial Automation, and ISAExpo, which finally closed its doors this year, SPS/IPC/Drives seems to grow from strength to strength. Though we are all suffering from the effects of the global financial chaos this show managed to increase the attendance from last year by 490 – admitedly a small increase but an increase nevertheless.

The organisers reported after the first day “The rush for the exhibition is unbroken in 2009. According to the first analysis the same number of visitors as in the record year of 2008 came to Nuremberg on the first day of SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2009.”

We had selected to attend the Houston Show this year so we have had to rely on tweets and other “social media” to compose this commentary. Unfortunately there was not an agreed hash tag for the show so it was difficult to see the tweets under one heading.

We conducted three searches as follows:


Carl Henning of ProfiBus US was tweeting from the show and also told us how he was tweeting from a blog post entitled “Trekker Tweeting Technology” He uploaded a few pictures as well, though unsurprisingly these were mostly of the PI stand!

Carl Henning' picture

ProfiBus at SPS

His first SPS Report 1: The Show was posted on Friday 27th, and on the Saturday he posted SPS Report 2: PI Booth Tour (some videos here including a booth walk through!), and during the following days he posted SPS Report 3: IO-Link, SPS Report 4: PROFIsafe, SPS Report 5: PROFIenergy and SPS Report 6: Walking the Show Floor.

Of course ProfiBus were not alone at the show. Fieldbus Foundation took the opportunity to reflecto over it’s positive marketing achievements in EMEA and launch a new Report from the ARC Group called The Business Value Proposition of Control in the Field.

John Rinaldi’s Realtime Automation blog published a brief report on SPS Show-Nurnberg.

Examples of tweets in English from the show were:
“I’m standing at the Aerotech stand at a very busy SPS Drives show in Nuremberg”
“Presentation by Hilscher recognizing the value of social media – like Twitter..”
“Exhibiting new sine wave filters and low-leakage EMC/EMI filters.”
“…Show is extremely busy-so busy I didn’t have time to Tweet until now. Exhibitors are really happy. 1 said “almost too busy!”
“…a great day at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES exibition & congress in Nurnberg – web automation is on the rise”
“..Just returned from a visit to SPS/IPC/Drives show in Nuremberg. Massive show and very busy which is a good sign for a recovery next year!”
“Wrapping up 3 fantastic days at SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg. Thankful for the opportunity to meet with new and long time customers.”
“…that was SPS 2009. SPS 2010 will be Nov 23 – 25..”

Not surprisingly many of the links here are in languages other than English. These have been indicated by the prefixes (D) for German and (RU) for Russian. We may have links in other languages later. We suggest that those who do not read these languages use GoogleTranslate German to translate the German pages and GoogleTranslate Russian for those in Russian.

Shortly before the opening of the show Control Engineering issued a digital issue of their magazine, “You now have the opportunity to view our unique ActiveMagazine prior to the start of SPS in Germany!”
The Australian publication Motors & Drives reports SPS/IPS/Drives exhibition enters its 20th year.
DS Europe SPS: congatec Presents APIX Starter Kit

Another publication was the German language (D) konstructions praxis.de. This publication also conducted a number of video interviews in German.
Channel e (D) SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2009 eröffnet
Pressbox (D) Neuer SPS-Connector stellt direkte Verbindung zu SAP-System her
DerWesten (part of the WAZ media group) (D) Kostal Industrie Elektrik aus Hagen präsentiert Neuheit auf der Messe SPS
IW -online (D) Neuer SPS-Connector stellt direkte Verbindung zu SAP-System her und Innovationen von HARTING auf der SPS/IPC/DRIVES
The Swiss epublication Megalionk (D) SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2009: Bühne der Innovationen
Maschinen Markt MM (D) SPS/IPC/Drives 2009 – die Welt der elektrischen Automatisierung unter einem Dach
Elektrotechnik (D)490 Besucher mehr als 2008
Automation.net (RU) ткрылась выставка SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2009
RussKabel.ru (RU) Продукция компании “Belden” на выставке SPS/IPC/DRIVES

There were a number of people on the floor taking photographs amont these were vanveeteren who gives a blog address of Notizblog (German). However the Industrial Ethernet Book surpassed themselves with pictures which give a flavour of the show. This picture of the Siemens stand, from neumsn, gives a good impression of a well attended show.

FDT on iPhone: You don’t believe it? We’ll show it to you!

An interesting press conference we would like to have attended was by Andreas Börngen, Director Sales and Product Marketing at M&M Software. In it he discussed FDT 2.0: Advantages, Benefits, Implementation. One of the things they promised to show was FDT on the iPhone. Is there anything these gadgets can’t do?

Company Press Releases

  • Micro-Epsilon to exhibit its thermoMETER CT ratio pyrometer at SPS|IPC|DRIVES exhibition
  • Energy efficiency and power density from ebm-papst
  • Belden releases new Eagle 20 Tofino line of Plug-n-Protect™ industrial security products
  • LEM’s portfolio of comprehensive battery monitoring components
  • ifm: Compact pressure sensor for applications in robotics and handling
  • Pictures by Indusoft
  • (D) Engineers Lounge This is a collection of information in German on products launched or displayed at the show.
  • (D) Siemens präsentiert neue RFID-UHF-Komponenten
  • (D) Balluff Presseinformationen zur SPS 2009
  • (D) TRIMOD: revolutionäre USV-Anlage von Meta System auf der SPS/IPC/DRIVES in Nürnberg
  • The next SPS/IDC/Drives is scheduled for 23 – 25 November 2010

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